Stay tuned next week as I unveil The Fearless Launching Show… this podcast has been in the makings for quite some time now and I’m so excited to share it with you.

It’s one of those projects that I was “supposed to do” off and on all last year.  But other projects became priority.

Can you say back burner anyone?

Listen to this audio to find out more about the upcoming show…that dare I say I am PUMPED to share with you.

What To Expect

Fair warning – this show isn’t going to be your regular interview with amazing person and then forget it type of show.  Nope… think regular cast of characters, think people launching big things, think big mistakes revealed…think challenges issued.

The Fearless Launching show is all about how to narrow in and get things done that matter to you – to build the things you dream about – when the odds are stacked against you – when it feels like everything is set to derail you – when your family seems to be conspiring to block your every move.

I created this place as a way to communicate with entrepreneurs building their business who need someone to stay accountable to, who may need some inspiration on a regular basis…and who simply want current, real details on what happens when you decide to do this whole “start a business” thing.

I’m especially interested in people who get amazing, big things done. Make complete changes in their business.  And I love entrepreneurs and businesses who go outside the expected lines of their world…and aren’t afraid to use elements from different industries.

So what you’re about to witness is how people take chances and get things done.

If you’d like to be notified the second a new podcast goes live, all you have to do is enter your name and email and you will be the first to know PLUS as a thank you, I’ll be sharing some fun gifts with you including an exclusive online workshop that you can’t purchase anywhere…

My First Official Guest 

Ok – so I’m a little bit of tease – I’ll admit that… but regardless, my first official guest turned out to be just a funny soundtest with some of my new podcasting equipment.. (click here for a funny clip that is oh so wrong and perhaps slightly silly – hey don’t say I didn’t warn you)…

I know I knowwww… I’m a dork.

See you next week with the first episode of The Fearless Launching Show.

xo Anne