Feeling trapped in your day job? Have a dream to break out and create your own business?

In today’s episode of The Fearless Launching Show, I’ll answer that hot little question “How do you become an entrepreneur while you’re working for someone else and without losing your mind?” by sharing my own story. It’s the only super in time I’ll indulge in my story – because we’ve got work to do here. But I KNEW I needed to start with the how I got here!

In this kick off session of The Fearless Launching Show, you’ll hear the story of how I spent 3 years building a business on the side while working full time for Laura Roeder and helping her build her business.


I felt like this was a perfect first episode, because you’ll get to know me a little better and understand how I decided to strike out on my own and focus 100% on my business.  But why I think this isn’t the right move for everyone.

With the new year fresh in our minds, I wanted to talk about how to really stop feeling trapped in our business, our jobs, etc and share some really easy ways to figure out your next move.

My hope is that you will start to see the reality of making big leaps, launching without knowing how it’s going to turn out, and perhaps finally figure out what’s been holding you back.


Show Notes

Here’s what we cover – and some links for fun!

Marie Forleo’s B-School
The very first big time online product launch I ever worked on.  Marie is the best example of multi-layered memorable launch.  She consistently delivers value and yes – this was the first online product launch I managed…so I’m a little biased!

LKR Social Media
My homebase for 3 years – where I was able to learn firsthand how to grow an online business. I share why working with LKR turned out to be the best way to start my business…

Fearless Launching
My very first online product.  I share the single biggest mistake I made when launching Fearless Launching for the first time..and what I wish I had known 2 years ago about building a business online or offline..and the moment I knew I could do this.

Where I start when it comes to goal setting, to set myself up to do and get anything I want.

*The business strategies and advice that NEVER worked for me – but may work like gangbusters for you.

*How I surprised myself by surpassing 6 figures only 6 months after going solo.

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