I shared my mid-year business review with you back in June.  Well, only a few short months later (not even 6 months) and I’ve got updates and insights to share with you. When you ask me questions, I listen…read on.

You’ve been thinking about your success or lack of it.

You may have heard that you’re going to “blow up” this year and wonder when will things break for you? And what does “blowing up” mean?

You feel like you’re doing everything right and yet still Nada-Zip-Nil-Nyet.

Well – let me ask you this – how do you spend your day?

Not just today or yesterday – but everyday.

What actions are you taking consistently?

Instead of putting you on the spot and asking you to list all those things out, I’m putting myself in the hot seat.

Since I know what peeping toms you all are–haha admit it. Ok – even if you’re not. It’s okay. You’re safe here.

We are all a little voyeuristic – especially when we’re searching for signs that we’re on the right path to success.

You seek out people:

  • Experiencing the same hardships and setbacks you are
  • Overcoming those same hardships
  • Making mistakes once in awhile – and then seeing them rebound

…and – that someone else gets exactly what is making us crazy 24 hours a day.

You want – and need that validation. That you are not so far off the path really – even though it feels like you’re watching paint dry.

So – today I’m starting a series of very revealing behind the scenes posts, where I share exactly what I’m doing, the results I’ve achieved (or am achieving) and how I did it – what I did wrong – how I fixed things… and how I’m growing even with setbacks.

How I Do It

How do I work running a full-time business, grow my own business, and still manage to spend a ton of time with my family?

Today – you’re going to see exactly what I do from dawn till dusk (and later). You’ll see how I spend my day, where I goof off – and my weaknesses will be center stage for you to see and connect with….and I’m okay with that.

Keep this in mind as you read how I spend my day:

  • I just had my best month online – finally hit a very nice 5 figure mark
  • I tripled my launch revenue in 6 months (last launch was in Feb) with the same number of new students as my first launch.
  • My list is still very modest – and just under 2k. Yep there I said it.
  • I’ve been blogging and learning about online business since Fall 2008. So – this is NOT one of those overnight stories of success.

530am wake up – not my choice. Mila wakes me up
6-7 coffee, breakfast for Mila and the cat
7-8 LKR email, cue up any emails that need to go out
8-9 Mila preschool
10-12 LKR block – check in with team – new assignments, meet with Laura
12 Lunch and a little social media – sometimes I get sucked in to a webinar replay
1-2 Work block – emails out to potential interviewees, set up sessions with clients, outreach
2-3 Work block – creative, writing, blog posts, editorial calendaring
3-5 LKR block – another time during the day
5:30 Pick up Mila
DINNER – bed/bath – chill
8-9 Work block – but not intense… catch up on email – writing – depends

Each day I make time for reading, finding new resources, and reaching out to people I want to interview….and of course a good share of goofing off.

The great thing about my schedule is that some days are 100% LKR work – and some aren’t. I decide how to structure my days.

I have no problem switching back and forth between LKR and my own work fluidly – depending on the situation.

What’s different from my day and your day?

I bet not much. No, I’m serious.

I do a two really simple things to make sure I get the most out of my day without spending every moment hunched over the computer.

Here’s are just 2 of my biggest sanity secrets:
Spoiler Alert: (this is a big one) …

#1 Systems

I keep most of my systems the same for both LKR and my own business:

I use tools/systems like:

  • Infusionsoft
  • wordpress
  • google docs
  • Basecamp
  • dropbox

#2 Delegation

I delegate when I need to – which is often.

I hire people to…

  • make pdfs
  • edit video
  • transcribe
  • help me with headlines
  • write tweets
  • edit my sales pages, etc.
  • design graphics
  • set up special web pages for launches
  • do all other backend work

How + when did I start to experience business growth then?

I know – it’s hard to believe that systems and delegation alone can cause business growth.

It’s true – you do need something more ….here’s what I think really has helped me finally feel like I’m growing, evolving and doing what I was meant to do….

First of all it wasn’t fast and it wasn’t easy…nor was their explosive growth. As soon as you understand this, the pressure to be at some marker in your biz at a specific date will fall away.

Tip: Remind yourself of this fact. It CAN happen fast, but it may take longer. Detach from that timing and you’ll be doing yourself, your health, and your business a huge favor.

Second – it’s all about relationships. I look at every relationship in my life as important and I engage in each one – because I truly do care what others are thinking. This natural curiosity has made it easy for me to meet new people + simply offer my help.

Tip: If you’re genuinely interested in the people you want to speak to, teach, provide value to – then you’ll have no problem reaching out, meeting, and offering help when it feels right. Just be a nice, decent, engaged human being.

And Third – I never give up. Let me say that again – I seriously NEVER give up. I learn what works for others, try it for myself by taking fast decisive actions – and I just keep doing what works.

This is not a one-time thing.

Tip: Always be on the lookout for interesting advice you can take action on – even if it’s a different business, a different industry or someone who kind of annoys you. Learn, take, apply, discard what doesn’t work.

Always ask – what’s the action here? How can I apply that to my situation or my business?

It’s Your Turn

I’d love it if you’d share your day with me. Also – please comment below and tell me what’s the most important activity you spend time on in your business? How often and when do you do that activity?