Not a week goes by without hearing about a mom who wants to start a business… and specifically, I hear –

“I’m thinking about writing an ebook, but I’m not sure what to do first.”

Many moms who venture online are looking for that first thing they can offer on their site.

A way to hang up their shingle – to continue being the mommy at home, do something of significance for themselves, and bring in some legitimate income.

But often they struggle for years and years trying to find the “what” they should do or focus on first.

Sometimes would-be online mogul moms know people buy ebooks – but aren’t sure how it applies to them.

Using this golden opportunity

Moms especially have a lot of time on their hands when a baby is first born.  Well – maybe not a lot of time in the normal sense but a lot of mental time when you’re feeding the baby, sitting in silence trying to get your baby to sleep, making the baby food, changing the baby’s diaper.

Believe me – I was there – and I know I’m not alone.  With that amount of solitary time, your brain starts to think of the things you want to do someday.

The sad truth is that many would be mompreneurs squander their time and end up no closer to some big idea that hit them at a 2am feeding – not using the opportunity they have to launch a new business.

But it’s possible – and I’m here to give you 2 examples to get you moving today.

Case study: How to launch your first ebook

Last fall I released my first product – an ebook called The White Space Solution.

Funnily enough – I spent the good part of the summer of 2011 clearing space in my life so I could finish the darn thing!

I wrote most of the content in February – published it as a blog series – by May I was restructuring the content and writing new material for the actual book – sometime in August a designer and editor took turns with it.  September and October – I launched the book and did a series of guest posts to promote it.

Each and every day – I pushed it just a little bit further until finally – it launched!

Now – that process seems so long to me – though at the time, I felt like I was struggling to keep up with the days passing by.

Are you ready to simplify the process? Become a mompreneur today – turn your ideas into action?

How to take the first step

Let’s look a mom in action – how she took an idea and turned it into a business…

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Prerna Malik of
Prerna did some pretty simple, powerful things to get her ebook from idea to launch – things like responding to the market when it asks for something, and doing so in a very timely fashion.

Listen to our conversation about how to launch an ebook – your first ebook – and you’ll learn the simple steps she took to get her first one out the door.

Right click to download your ebook create + launch guide

PLUS – there’s a handy download she created just for readers! xo Prerna! Don’t forget to download it!

Leave comment below if you’re planning to write or release an ebook.  Tell us your topic, date you want to finish… and your website so we can come check you out!