If you’ve ever struggled to get your business organized, under control, or hired a VA that you literally couldn’t figure out what/how to delegate to them, this episode is for you!

Natasha Vorompiova has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs embrace systems in a practical, customized approach. Her two main tools of choice are Evernote and Asana.

She’s even said that you can run your business using Evernote alone!

If you’ve heard that systems can help you grow your business, but you just don’t see how or why they’re important, today’s episode is for you…

Natasha shares her own systems story that led to multiple opportunities and growing her business in unexpected ways.

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Natasha is the creator of Systems Rock and here’s what she says:

“The success I was having with the new systems I created to run my home-based business inspired me to tackle the challenge of designing productivity systems for other entrepreneurs working outside the traditional office world.”

She shares her:

  • Lessons after launching the first, second, third time
  • How she ended up creating a class for Creative Live
  • What she loves and learns about her students
  • Latest tips and tricks for using Evernote to run your business

“I’m okay in making mistakes. I’m okay I don’t know that. I’m okay having less control. People will not leave if I make a mistake… or if I don’t know everything because they know the level of care I provide will make up for that.” ~ Natasha from Systems Rock

Connect with Natasha:

Systems Rock

Natasha on Facebook

Systematic Success 2.0

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