how to launch without a product

So – have you ever thought to yourself or questioned what to launch next?

Have you ever dreaded the process of creating another product or course?

Some people have their signature program…and then it seems like they keep pumping out new courses, products, off shoot of products, and seem to literally have a never ending library and things they want to create.

If the thought of pumping out products like it’s no tomorrow scares you – that’s okay. There are options. And it’s not the only way to build your business.

(And some might say that building less is actually a better option!)

Here’s what we know about building products and services — even ones that exist just online…it isn’t an hour and then you’re done.

It can take a lot of energy.

It can take a lot of time.

And you can face a lot of your personal demons just trying update a course. I know this for sure.

So what are your options? How can we deepen the work we do with our clients, give people better experiences, new things to keep them engaged and coming back for more?

Let’s find out.

In today’s episode we’ll explore a few different options for launching products that may be perfect for you if:

  • You’ve already got a program or product or service that you want to improve
  • You have zero products or services and are looking for a way to jumpstart your business.
  • You’re ready to start leveraging different streams of potential revenue for your business—some that don’t require you to deliver in order to make the moola!
  • We talk about 3 options you have if you want to deepen or improve your products/services, start your business without even having a product, and how to improve revenue without having to constantly create new products!

Mentioned on today’s episode

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The Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program (aff)

Rachel Feldman’s Done For You Health & Wellness Coach Courses

Digital Marketer Certification Courses

Book Yourself Solid has coach training programs.

Gazelles Coach Training

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Episode talking about how to build out your product suite

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In this episode, we explore the conditions that would allow you to launch without creating your product or course.