I’ve known Racheal Cook for a few years now – though this year she also became a client when she asked for my help coming up with an outreach plan for her launch.

Racheal’s no stranger to launches, but what she normally did required more work, more hours, and less time with her family.

She knew she wanted to do things a little different this time.

You see, earlier this year she added 1 more to the Cook family.

So – you get the picture – toddler twins, a baby, a husband who likely wants a little help – and you’re in dire need of a laid back launch. (yes please hashtag that #laidbacklaunch)

So that’s what we did – we figured out a way for her to do less work during the launch and leverage the work she’s been doing for years now.

In today’s chat – we go back in time and find out about Racheal’s first launch, how her business has changed, and where the Yogipreneur came in!


Check Racheal out here:  The Yogipreneur

Or – if you’re curious about her current launch – go here: The Yogipreneur’s Guide To Conscious Business Design (aff link)

Now – inspired by Racheal’s discovery of the changes happening in the yoga business community, I’d like you to apply this same thought to your own world.

What trends or patterns do you see in your own industry that you could respond to with a new way of teaching, training or reaching your audience?