Do you ever stop yourself from giving away all of the answers to your audience’s problems?

Do you hold your “best posts” for your own site instead of pitching them to a higher traffic blog as a guest post?

Do you get nervous that people won’t buy if you give away too much?

Do you ever wonder how much is too much to give away?

If you’re building your business – you’re probably plagued with one of the following:

  • one eye looking over your shoulder to make sure no one’s copying you

  • one eye on other people and wondering how they did it – maybe secretly hoping you thought of something first

  • thinking that you can’t give away all your good stuff for fear that no one will need to buy from you.

I’m not a fan of any of these fear-based illnesses… and especially not the last one…

Too many new people have been ingrained with the idea that they have to hold back and give less than their best.

And I’ve got proof that it’s not worth it to hoard your knowledge.

Case Study

I’ve spent the last year writing posts ONLY about launching.  I’ve tackled different topics around the bigger concept of launching – how to launch, how to write emails for a launch, the first steps to launching, why setting up an interest list is important, the systems you need in place before you launch, what type of communication should you use during your launch…

Launch, launch, launch, launch… oh and launch…

I think the word launch has been in most titles of blog posts starting in February 2012 through December 2012.

I even have a Launch Toolkit with resources pulled directly from a paid program.

You get the picture –  and you might wonder, “Okay, but Anne, how much more could you possibly write about launching?”

Believe me – there’s more in me on that topic.  Much more.

But each round of students in my Fearless Launching program has grown. My mailing list has grown. Traffic improves each month.  Steady growth on all fronts.

And best – my business has grown to a point it finally feels like a real business.

All while giving away my “best stuff”.


What you should do about this

So you might be thinking how you can start to give your best stuff, especially when you’re used to holding back.

What’s on your content creation plate right now – a blog post? an email? your weekly newsletter?

  • Write it out like you normally would

  • Go through + pretend you are one of your readers

  • Ask questions that your readers might ask

  • Revise your content with the answers

  • Give it all away

It is that easy – to start with your very next piece of content.

Need more convincing?

And if you need more convincing, check out these articles – they jumped out at me from the tons of tons of articles on this topic.

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Give Away Your Best Stuff

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My advice though – until you see free in action, it won’t mean a thing. So get to work – and let it all hang out.