Keep Your Product Launch On Track

Do you know what it takes to keep your product launch on track?

Raise your hand if the first thing you think about when you start planning your launch sounds something like this:

“Is there a sales page wordpress theme that I should use?”

“Should I just use Leadpages or maybe sign up for Kajabi?

“What did Marie Forleo use to make her launch videos?”

“How does Hilary Rushford keep track of all the tasks in her business?”

“What is Amy Porterfield using to make her webinars so great?”

If you’re thinking about the tools – you’re not going to like my first reaction…

Your launch is not a result of how amazing and fancy your tech or tools are…and if you think they are you’re starting in the wrong place first.

But since this IS a launch tools post, I’m going to control myself…

Because the truth is, I really do care about the tools that help me run my business and manage my launches.

When To Choose Your Launch Tools

It is crucial to figure out early in your launch planning process what tools you’ll use for your launch and which ones are right or not for your particular situation.

I generally hate talking about tools when it comes to launching – because truthfully, tools change and it’s more about the intent and reason you make those choices that matters.

Getting wrapped up in the idea that somehow they can buy Kajabi, Infusionsoft, Lead Pages, Squarespace, Shopify…SamCart, ThriveCart…whatever cart…or some other tool and have a successful launch is usually a waste of time.

Why? Because none of these tools on their own make a launch or guarantee a successful launch, that people will want to purchase your product, or that you’ll have a successful business.

But you do want to think about them and make them work FOR you.

And if you’re anything like me – you likely want to know when certain tools or a combinations of tools are actually right for you and your business, will deliver what you want in a way you want it.

You’re still trying to figure out what’s the “best” combination. Even now I still think about whether or not the tools I spend money on every month are “worth” it.

(Hint: that never really ends.)

If you’re curious what tools I use to run my business – check out this post I did awhile back on the best tools to run your online business.

Curious What Tools I Recommend To Help Manage Your Product Launches And Why?

Stick with me for the next few posts where I’m going to bring you up to speed on some of the tool choices I make for running my launches and exactly when you should use the same tools as me.

(I’m updating this post as of 12/16/2019…so these will always be fairly up to date!)

But that’s not all – I’m going to give you a few options for what tools work well together as well as options for when you should use other combinations + solutions.

Let’s get started with the basics.

Here Are The Fantastic Four Tools-slash-Systems You Need Before You Launch:

1. Deliver + Protect Your Product
Delivery includes format and protection: membership area, protected pages, separate website, same domain, pdf, video. Click here to read more about why you deliver your online product does matter.

2. Send Email Communition
Communication includes launch emails, customer emails, newsletters, oh my.  You need a way to manage all the prospects, customers, and subscribers > and be able to communicate with them. What happens when you don’t have a way to send emails to your potential customers? Find out.

3. Process Payment & Accept Money
We’re in business usually to make money…check out pages, shopping cart software, payment processors, merchant account, Paypal, Square, Stripe.  You must be able to collect money – yes, seems obvious, but there are several choices, so this one can get a little overwhelming.

4. Systems Integrations (making tools talk to each other)

Automation/Connecting Systems includes finding simple workflows to connect all your tools – and as long as you map it out, most of the popular tools do sync/link/work with each other.

Often – this integration piece is the most important of all the ones above.  Your favorite email marketing service may not connect nicely with your payment processor or your course building platform.

Want to make your launch a nightmare? Wait until the end to see if every tool can talk to all the other tools!

And remember – you knowing which tool to use in your next launch can mean the difference between a migraine and a mud bath.  One feels really good and one – well, not at all and never.

In the next post I’ll cover the specific tools I use, but right now I want to know which system or systems you need the most help figuring out! Leave your questions, thoughts and tell me what you want to know.