How Often Should I Launch?

Look around at businesses online and offline – and it feels like some brands and companies are launching all the time.

But while you might see Starbucks, LuckyBrand Jeans and Kate Spade sending multiple “sales” emails every week… how much is too much when it comes to launching?

Should you launch all the time? Only every 6 months? Perhaps once a quarter?

And what exactly can you launch each time?

Today’s episode is a totally new style and feature this podcast recorded in my kitchen while I paced back and forth speaking into my iPhone.

I’ll be honest, there was another show in this slot today but I just had to get this question answered because it seems like I’ve been hearing people struggle to understand or figure out how to pace their launches.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • the truth about how often you should launch
  • how to mix-up your launches and offers to avoid audience burnout
  • why it’s important to think about your launch frequency
  • one way to launch all the time without having to do all the work
  • an inside look at exactly how I schedule out most months of the year

It’s Your Turn

I’d love to hear how you schedule out launches – do you like to launch at certain times of the year? Do you have products that are available all the time or maybe only once or twice per year? Leave a comment below and let me know!

And if you need help planning out your launches for the next 6 months or year, I might be able to help.  Sign up for updates on the next round of Fearless Launching – this is one of the things we go through during the course.

What You Should Do Next

You’ve got 2 things you can do right now – both require you to take one more action. If you’d be so kind and have a moment, I would so appreciate you even doing 1 of these…especially if you love the show and want to get featured on a future episode!

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