Have you had a launch that didn’t do as well as you’d expected?

Or honestly, maybe it just bombed.

Hundreds, if not thousands of business owners just like you face disappointment when launches don’t go as well as they’d expected.

They spend sleepless nights getting all the moving parts and pieces in the right place. They worry about the packaging and positioning of their offer, the webinars and videos and preview call, the advertising and PR to promote their offerings.

And they sometimes miss out on an important piece of the launch puzzle.

What if I told you that there’s a simpler, much easier, and WAY more effective approach to really get the word out about your amazing eCourse, workshop, or program?

If you’ve been a student of Anne’s Fearless Launching, you may have already heard about this (since she truly covers every single thing you need for launching) but if not, here it is: Affiliates or Partners or as Anne and I like to call them… your cheerleaders.

Why Supporting Your Affiliates is Key for a Supercharged Launch

The truth is that giving your affiliates your complete support during launch will make it super simple for them to share your brilliant offering with their audience.

And everyone likes easy-to-do things, right?

I mean, think about it… if YOU had to craft social media updates from scratch each time you had to promote someone else’s program or workshop to your audience, how motivated would you be to do that?

Let’s face it, we’re all busy.

Your affiliates are also busy people. Like you, they’re running businesses, launching products, dealing with challenges, and trying to have a life in the midst of it all.

So, when you ask them to do one MORE thing, sure they may say “yes”, and they may even take some actions to promote your launch, but do they really have the time to produce dedicated valuable content to help spread the word?

I seriously doubt it.

More often than not, our affiliates really, really want to spread the word about what we’re launching, but they’re so caught up in managing their own businesses that they just don’t have the time to put their all into our launch.

An Easy-Button Solution to Get More Cheerleading for a Successful Launch

Let’s take a look at highly successful launches. The hottest one doing the rounds is Marie Forleo’s B-School, right?

Marie makes it super simple for her cheerleaders to share and support B-School year after year.


By giving them everything they need to share B-School with their community. From making herself available for calls to sharing gorgeous ad graphics, information, everything!

Let’s look at Anne herself and her support of her affiliates for Fearless Launching. In the past, she’s done things like giving ready to copy-paste emails (usually affiliates tweak to suit their audience), social media updates, graphics, and encouraging check-in emails throughout the launch.

You need an easy-button solution that will help YOU support those who’re supporting YOUR launch.

Give them a plug-and-play strategy so they know exactly when to share and what to share.

It doesn’t have to be complex or take tons of time to create!

Here’s a quick checklist of the different pieces of affiliate-supporting communication you need in place for your launch:

1. Ready-to-Use Swipe Copy

Swipe copy is promotional content that your affiliates can use as-is or “swipe”.

With just a few tiny tweaks, they have an amazing blog post or an engaging, designed-to-convert email to send out to their audience.

Your swipe copy should at the very least, include promotional emails that can also be used as blog content. However, if you want to give your affiliate real superpowers, give them BOTH ready to use blog content and promotional emails and give them swipe copy that’s tailored to different stages of your launch- pre-launch or opt-ins, during launch, close of launch.

2. Perfectly Designed Promotional Images

They say an image is worth a thousand words and “they” are right.

Make it super simple for your affiliates to share your offering socially by giving them a range of promotional images to choose from.

3. Spread the Word with Ready-to-Use Social Media Messages

Social media messages, like Facebook updates and tweets, will again simplify the promotion process for your affiliates. All they’ll need to do is copy-paste, add their affiliate link, and boom! Done.

Make sure you have at least 2-3 Facebook updates that can also be used for Google+ and Linkedin and  2-3 tweets or click to tweets.

4. Schedule a Special Pre-Launch Call

Help your affiliates maximize earning potential by hosting a pre-launch webinar or Google Hangout and having them share it with their lists. Make it exclusive for them only.

Better still, hop onto a quick Google Hangout WITH your affiliates and answer any questions they may have about sharing your offerings. Give them any special tips and ideas you may have. Best part is that you can then include this in your Affiliate Resource Center for future affiliates too!

5. Encouraging Emails to Cheer Your Cheerleaders On

Finally, it’s essential that you don’t forget about your affiliates during the launch. Try to email them once a week during the launch period to share how sales are, feature those who’re doing well and encourage those who aren’t. Share tips, give them ideas to use the resources you have for them. You may also want to consider a contest or a bonus structure to further motivate them.

Finally, do ensure that you keep them posted of when and how payouts will happen so they’re in the loop and you don’t get a bunch of emails asking “when would I get paid?”;)

As someone who’s worked on several launches, including Anne’s Fearless Launching, I know that you don’t really need yet another thing to add to your ever-growing list of things to do.

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So, inspired by Anne and a host of other time-starved business owners, I want to share ONE easy-button solution for YOU to make launches as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

Additional Resources

If you want to make it easy on yourself to create these affiliate resources, check out Prerna’s The Social Spread. A feast of 600+ ready-to-use social media updates that include blog post sharing updates, product and service updates, engagement-centric updates, photo templates and lots more.

During a launch or even after, you’ll never have to worry about your social media content. Everything is simply “copy-paste” effortless and can be customized with a few tiny tweaks. Not only do you save almost an hour {or more!!} every week, it’s a year’s worth of social media content for less than $0.50/day.

Are you ready to fix this missing piece of the launch puzzle and make supporting your affiliates easy and fun?

Gourmet “content and community engagement” chef, author of the Content Cookbook and Social Spread, Prerna Malik infuses online communities with sugar, spice, and everything nice… for a small business.

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