I’ve talked to a lot of people this year – and we’re only a month in – about their big plans for the year.  Many of you are planning to release something to the world and are already taking action.

But some of you aren’t quite sure what you’re next move should be.

I know how it feels.  I manage launches in my not so day “day job” with LKR. That’s what we do – we create programs and we launch consistently throughout the year.

But on my own – launching and the idea of releasing my own work has taken on a lesser form.

Like ZERO form.

So – I know first hand that it’s hard to plan something that puts you out in the world in a pretty visible way.  You likely have a ton of fears about it.  I know I did…and still face them today.

But let me paint a bright picture for all of us about launching:

Forget for a moment that you’re not sure your ideas are THAT big.
They ARE big enough.

Forget for a moment that you want to share a piece of yourself with the world and make a difference in people’s lives.
I bet you already are making a difference.

Forget for a moment that you’ve been pushing and pushing and learning and preparing and waiting and hoping.
Hope is not enough.

If you’re really serious  and you are willing to go as far as you need to go to get your work, your art, your revolution out to the world, then you’ll stop all the nonsense right now.

The mind chatter and excuses needs to stop.

Be silent for just…one…second.

Take a deep breath.

Make the decision you’re going to launch.

Launching doesn’t take a big, extravagant product, or program or a slick video series, or even a large mailing list.

It starts with you making a clear decision.

I’ve spoken to many of you, read your letters, see your work online and offline…and I know you want to make it happen.  I know you want to “figure it out”.

But I hate to say it … There really is nothing to figure out.

Here’s all you need to have… 4 things in place…and when you finally finally understand and have these 4 things…you can launch anything.

1. You need people who believe in you and will push you when you don’t believe in yourself.
2. You need an idea to share with the world.
3. You need to make the decision and own it.
4. And…you need a plan.

Don’t bother buying Product Launch Formula or any other launch how to programs until you have these 4 things in place.

A launch can be exciting and fun, but it’s not all hunky dory.

It’s a lot of moving parts, it’s timing, it’s finesse, it’s double checking everything, it’s knowing why people will be interested in what you have to offer and why they won’t. It’s being able to slow the train down and answer those questions. It’s about changing course if you need to.

It’s knowing your plan inside and out and juggling it all delicately.  It’s having help managing that plan, so you don’t lose even one piece of the puzzle.

A launch of any kind starts before you turn the engine…one that always starts with the decision and the knowing that each time you do one, it will get better.

So, you’ve educated yourself, know what you want to launch — maybe it’s your blog, maybe a product, maybe a book or other piece of art, maybe it’s a business, maybe it’s a totally different idea or dream you want to share….it doesn’t matter.

At some point, you need to launch it to the world.

Don’t let the word launch scare you anymore.

Make the decision to do it. Get help. Make a plan.

If you are ready to let other people join your party, then you’re ready to launch.

Launching is Letting Other People be part of your art. That’s all you need to decide. 

Are you ready for that?

p.s. a version of this article appears over on Medium.com here.