How are you feeling today?

Are you ready to step out? Out of the shadows? Out of what feels comfortable?

Are you prepared to change some things in your life?

I am.

Now you maybe thinking you’re not ready to share anything with the world yet.  But I dare you to think otherwise.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing as much as I can about what it takes to start the journey to making your big thing come alive–the little things you don’t think about which can give you that fuel to start.

Want that business to start bringing in money? Want to finish that project you started but put on a shelf because you didn’t have enough time?  Want your blog to get better traffic? Want people to come out of the woodwork to help you?

There are only 4 things you need to do to set your pins up. (sorry – weird bowling reference…but I digress).

You may have missed my previous post and those lessons…no worries–let me break it down for you.

1. Accept + Own Your Revolution.

Make room in your life for it. Get to know it. Own it. Speak it out loud to people you trust FIRST. Then, yell it from the rooftops.  Here’s the big secret: your revolution can be about changing a few individuals or a larger number of people. It doesn’t matter – both improve the world in my opinion.  Another secret? Your revolution might be an idea you’ve pushed off as unrealistic or something you don’t have time to pursue.

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2. Learn To Say No With Grace.

Saying no is the first step to setting priorities.  What do you say no to in your life?  Anything?  Be okay saying, no thank you.  Or, I’d rather not.  Or , that’s not for me.

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3. Be You.

Go all balls to the wall and be you…or go home.  Let yourself be openly excited about your passions.  Whether you write, sing, paint, talk – whatever…do it like you’re singing for your supper – and damn you want a good one.

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4. Let Go Already.

This is the hardest of the 4 steps in my opinion.  Why? Because sometimes you might not even know you’re holding on to the past or to a dream that’s lying dormant in the back of your brain somewhere.  Spend time clearing out that muck that’s stopping you from taking action, saying no, making space, being yourself.

reference: The Manifesto of Letting Go

Why This Is Important

These 4 steps will help you no matter who you are or what you want out of life.

But – if you’re an entrepreneur – which many of you reading this are (or would like to be), you know that building a business requires a lot of work and perseverance and focus AND consistency…you must DO THE WORK and continually strive to practice these principles.

It’s Your Choice

If you decide NOT TO LEARN AND IMPLEMENT these principles…

Something will always be lagging, holding you back, making you second guess yourself, stopping you from launching yourself, your book, your blog or your business…

Do you want to feel like you’re constantly pushing and nothing is happening? That no one is listening?  Like if you disappeared off the grid anyone would care?

People miss honesty. The real you. With all your little bits, pieces, nooks and crannies.

The Good News + Your Turn

You don’t have to go it alone.  There are people around you everywhere who can support you and your goals…you probably just haven’t asked them yet.

But to get you started – I’ve created a worksheet that goes through all these principles…and asks the question in one spot.

The only thing I ask of you is that you revisit the worksheet regularly – don’t answer the questions once and consider yourself done.

You will change over time and so will your answers.

DOWNLOAD THE PDF NOW (no sign up required)

Imagine – in an hour or less – you could have a realistic and clear idea of how to start sharing your revolution to the world.

I’d love to know what you thought of the last few posts – I’ve already heard from many of you, but not everyone, so comment below or send me an email!

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