essential launch toolsLast week we covered the #1 thing you need to do and know before you produce a successful product launch.

This week – we’re moving on to the next important piece of any launch – the systems and tools.

Now, even if you’ve got a product based or brick and mortar business, don’t skip this. If your business isn’t online now – this year – well, now’s the time.

There’s no excuse for not being on Facebook, having a website, and having a way to interact with you beyond knowing what your services are–that’s a soapbox story for another day.

Today – it’s all about the systems and tools.

So – after today you will understand what systems need to be clearly established and the tools you’ll want to set up BEFORE you make a decision to launch.

Don’t worry about taking notes or making a long list, I’ve got a systems starter pack available for you below – so you can start chipping away, getting things set up, and fixing anything that’s NOT working.

You ready?


#1: What’s your listbuilding system?

What? I need a system? Yes and the good news is that if you’ve got a blog or website up already, I bet you have one or at least the bones of one.

Quickly list out all the things you do to get people on your list. Do have an optin or lead magnet? Is it on your sidebar? Do you use content upgrades in your blog posts? What are all the ways that people get on your list?

A few resources to help you get started:

Episode 47: Launching Without Email…Is it possible?

Episode 117: Launching Without Email part 2

Why You Should Stop Believing The No List No Launch Myth

#2: How do you gather information about your audience?

We talked about this last week when we discussed different ways to find out who was listening, who was your ideal customer…and how to find them. But now, tell me… what do you do with all the information you’re gathering about those people?

Questions to answer:

> Where do you get information?

> What specific types of tools do you use to gather information?

> How often do you gather information or research?

> What do you do with the info after you’ve gathered it?

> Do you ever review your social media analytics?

> When and how often?

I find that people often use a service to send out a survey, but then never review the information.

What if you built in review dates into your calendar – once per month and 6 weeks before your launch?

A few examples of how I use to organize my information:

IFTTT – helps me turn emails I receive in response to “what are you struggling with” into a google spreadsheet.

Google spreadsheets – I use these for forms my customers fill out. Their forms instantly turn into a format I can use, review and pull from before launches.

Go back to part one of this series if you still need some time to start gathering information from your audience.

#3 What’s your basic promotion system?

No matter what you’re creating each week for your audience, promotion is key and often one of those things we don’t do the same each and every time. But what if you did? What if each and every time you posted a blog post, you knew that you posted on Twitter 5x the first, 3x the second, and 3x the third, then put the best performing tweet into your Meet Edgar system to come out over and over again.

Create a system and a routine around how you promote. Then – when you’re launching, you won’t have to ask yourself – where should I promote this, when should I promote this…or worse, how should I promote this?

Here are a few resources I use to promote all of my content on a regular basis:

Meet Edgar



The more you can do in advance the better. In fact, one of the best pieces of advice I received recently is STOP posting in realtime.

#4 What are your regular business related activities?

Whatever you do on a regular basis – daily, weekly, monthly… what tools do you use and what process do you use inside each tool?

Do you use Google Docs for team organization or your team wiki?

Do you write blog posts inside Evernote?

Do you use Paper 53 app to create webinar slide outlines?

Is Asana your go to project management system?

What about Trello?

Create a “current tech stack” list of all the tools you use on a regular basis!

#5. What are some other daily/weekly/personal systems?

This one is not so defined, but do you have things, routines, rituals you do on a regular basis? Do you have a weekly planning session for your life and business? Do you review your books once per month? Do you meet with a bookkeeper once per quarter? Do you set a top 3 every morning?

Do you take a vitamin every morning? What about pilates or yoga – do you have a regular class you attend?

List out the work and life rituals you currently do on a regular basis. Routine will ground you as an entrepreneur.

NEXT: Once you’ve got these set up, you’ll be ready to tackle specific product launch systems to get setup with this handy cheat sheet.

Your Assignment: Work your way through these resources, download any pdfs or work sheets if available, and let me know which systems give you the biggest challenge! Bonus points for how detailed you can be!

Choosing the Right Tools To Run Your Business & Launch

When you’re getting ready for a launch the key tools you’ll need if you’re marketing online (which I hope you are) include (but aren’t limited to):

  • payment processor
  • Place to put your digital stuff
  • Way to deliver your digital stuff
  • Email service provider
  • Webinar platform
  • Sharing platform/software
  • Affiliate program tracking
  • Shopping cart
  • Webpage creator
  • Graphic creation software/app

For my best suggestions on tools, head over to these posts and resources:

Online Business Resources (recently updated!)

Choose the right tools to run your product launch

Top 7 Business Tools

Important to know about your tools – after you list out all the tools you’re using or ones you’ve purchased and aren’t using yet, take a moment to connect the ones that work together (literally take a line and match them together). Choosing the right tools is mostly about making sure they talk to each other…that’s the challenge – INTEGRATION.

The Absolute MOST IMPORTANT system in your business

Okay – you thought we were done with systems chat, but we’re not.

The biggest system which includes everything I’ve mentioned above and includes the tools you use as well – it’s your Launch System.

If you’re curious how to pull all your systems and tools together … in order to orchestrate a less stressful, more organized launch – you might be ready for Fearless Launching. 

More Resources!

1) Free Launch Workbook and Planner: Grab this completely free launch planning workbook. Download, print, and start planning your launch today — don’t forget to add in the test and secure your website tasks!

2) Learn the complete Fearless Launching framework in this brand new masterclass: “Why Launches Aren’t Working And What To Do Instead.”

3) Want to work with me one on one? If you’re a business owner who knows that you need a coach, someone to work through your launch strategy, figure out your launch plan, get spot advice as it comes up…then we could be a perfect match!

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