Embracing changes in your business

How is your business going to look 5 years from now?

Even if you’re crystal clear on what you are creating, the people you want to help and the products you just KNOW you want to sell…

There’s a good chance things will change in ways you might not expect or anticipate.

And that’s what we’re talking about today on the podcast. Today’s guest and co-host has been in the Fearless Launching community since DAY 1.

She’s also someone who I’ve watched grow, evolve, re-invent herself…all while staying very clear on the vision for her business.

(and she’s seen all of my changes too!)

Catherine Just is a fine artist, photographer but more than that she’s someone who shows people how to welcome in huge transformation in their lives.

If you have been feeling stuck on what to launch first, overthinking getting something out to the world, or just can’t seem to get out of your own way to complete ANYTHING… this interview and conversation is for you.

This very candid conversation with lots of laughter is very similar to non-recorded chats we’ve had over the years. There are so many topics we could have covered…

I can’t wait for you to hear us as we talk about:

Plus so many side conversations about eating too Vegan, shoutouts to inspiring women entrepreneurs we love, and more!

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Now It’s Your Turn

Think about your biggest a-ha during our conversation and if you’re feeling it, share it in the comments below or over on Catherine’s Instagram feed!

Have a great rest of your week!

“embrace changes in your business