Let's say you know want to start your revolution or do your best work, but you just don't know how to unlock your strengths?

You have no idea what they are or worse you do know and you've been ignoring them.

How do you solve a mystery that is often buried deep inside you?

How can you let go of the thoughts, patterns and myths of what you've been telling yourself are your strengths (but really aren't) for your entire life?

Take me for example. I get bratty sometimes a lot. I don’t like to admit when I’m wrong. I hate working on something that I’m not good at, but I usually suffer through it until someone asks me point blank if it’s the best use of my time. I can even reject a a clear and OBVIOUS strength or talent even when it’s staring me straight in the face. (I beg you to tell me if you see me doing this…I'm not kidding you).

Do you ever feel like you’re fighting against some current — one you can’t see or seem to turn yourself away from?

You stick with jobs that don’t quite fit, where you feel like you shouldn’t complain, but inside you just aren’t happy. You do the same with relationships…with friends, maybe even your spouse.

I know what it’s like. You wear those slightly tighter than they need to be jeans to prove you are skinny enough to fit in them. And you do it everywhere you can in your life.

I’m going to share something that’s taken me a long time to realize and/or admit…and even knowing this, I STILL STRUGGLE with it.

When I try to fit into the job, the pants, the relationship, the style, the expectations, it NEVER WORKS. Why? Because it’s not me.

Fitting in Hurts. Bad.

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t bear the weight of it for long.

If you’re anything like me, then it’s tough to know when you find that right fit. You’ve been moving against the current, against what’s natural for your so long–maybe even your whole life.

Maybe you forgot what it feels like for something to fit RIGHT or feel great.

Been there?

Well, an odd thing happened and my memory got jogged a bit. It happened when I was reading a book called Now, Discover Your Strengths … one that I had resisted reading, but finally said, oh why not (insert bratty voice again). Suddenly, I remembered exactly what good felt like, what I loved doing. It was amazing! Instant clarity. The world around me felt sharpened.

But then dread…. why?

Now I could feel all those bits that weren’t quite right in my life. The spots I’d let live and grow and become big parts of my life. I was tangled all up in them. What to do now…now that I know they don’t fit. Dammit. I think I was happier not remembering. Why did I pick up that book?

After I stopped blaming the book for some pretty amazing realizations…excitement settled in. I got giddy thinking about how those things that come most naturally to me … wow, they were my strengths!

Over time, I became dedicated to using my core talents and strengths whenever I could! Now, if something doesn’t feel right, I do not slog through it. I stop myself and feel it out.

Here's exactly what I do and advise you remember today about fitting into your own life … my hope is that they will encourage you to discover your own strengths (and then give you the courage to use them!)

  • If something doesn’t fit, find a gentle way NO to yourself–often the hardest person to talk to and convince.
  • Look for small ways and places in your life to use your gifts right away–even if you aren’t being paid for them.
  • What would you do if you could wake up tomorrow and immediately be using your strengths without excuses to anyone about why “you’ve changed”?

Why Knowing Your Strengths Is Important

The more you use your strengths, the stronger you will get. You’ll stop doing more of those activities that aren’t on your genius list and fill more of your time doing what you were meant to do!

Now, I know people say life is sometimes doing things you don’t want to do, but I always say, well, why can’t I just do what I’m best at and enjoy? Wouldn’t that make better sense and benefit everyone involved?

What do you say?

Do you have a sneaking suspicion you have a strength you’ve been avoiding or simply not using? Even if you aren’t sure where to start…I bet there’s 1 thing you can do right now that would be 100% aligned with your best but most hidden talent.

Leave a comment below today and let me know how you’re going to reveal your gift to the world today.  Share this post by clicking Like or Tweet above!