You think you have it tough.

You think you know what pain is.

I look at my 3 year old and think about the day she turns 12. I think how tough the last 3 years have been raising her. And then I think about the women and mothers in countries where poverty is the way of life, where white space is a luxury that doesn’t exist.

I know I haven’t hadn’t it tough at all.

And I know I haven’t felt loss like they have. I don’t even know what it is. Not like they do.

Watch the video below and think about your daughter, your niece, your friend.

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Can you imagine losing your child at age 12? Well, I can’t fathom having to give up my daughter at 11, 12, or any age before she’s ready. I know it must rip the mothers hearts out to have to give their children away so young…but it’s about survival for them, I suppose. Or maybe they’ve given up and don’t feel like they have the power to speak up.

I feel selfish thinking I need white space. They just need a chance to go to school.

But their daughter’s voices are still strong, still able to speak loud and protest.

I just don’t think I could survive easily in that environment.

And yet, they do survive.  They keep trying to get to school, to learn, to become more than they’re allowed to become.

It’s the hope in this video that makes me want to scream out.

But I only know one way to do that right now.

So here’s my prayer or wish or hope for the girls of the world…for my Mila. Something I want to whisper in her ear each time she goes to school, gets her wish, buys the cow, supports her family.

Go out and take action to educate yourself, to teach others, and to lead the girls around you. Create a group of girls that have power in their number and can grow together.

Don’t let others bear the weight alone.

Fight for each other.

Be kind and love each other.

Make right what is wrong.

Be strong and don’t stop fighting for your right.

Raise your voice.

And if you have a chance to reach out even to the young women and girls in your community do it.

Who’s with me?