I’m happy to share with you the digital version of my first book The White Space Solution.

It’s a guide to living your life with more space and the importance of making space in the most important areas of your life–namely health, your physical space, your relationships, at work, and how to live fully + efficiently in all realms.

It’s about clearing space in your life so you can live, love, and work better all around.

It’s about finding the space you need to create, to work on what’s important, and to make yourself a priority more than just once in awhile.

What will this book teach you to do?

My hope is that you’ll walk away with the knowledge and awareness of when you need space.  My hope is that you’ll start seeing opportunities for growth and change in your life when you make a little wiggle room for yourself.  Once you start making room – you’ll be surprised what pops up!

The lessons themselves aren’t overwhelming and even ground breaking — but given attention, they are simple and effective. I know, because they are a compilation of what I personally do and what many of the women and moms I know do.

If you’re ready to stop feeling guilty when you take a few hours for yourself, you’ll love this. Each lesson will take less than 30 minutes each day to complete.  Of course, you can take longer or shorter, depending on what you need, but you will be able to get into the content and back out quickly & easily.

So I also put together a more comprehensive package, so you can get the most out of the ebook. I personally like to get extra goodies, so here it is … the PLUS version.

E-book Plus Goodies

The PLUS version of The White Space Solution is basically the 31 day digital guide with extras to help you get the most out of ebook.

It contains:

1. The E-Book
A 71-page pdf guide to 31 days of clearing space in 4 key areas of you life in pdf format.

2. Videos

  • Which areas of your life need the most space?
  • What are your most important relationships?
  • How do you pull it all together once you’ve got a little space?
  • Why you do have enough time and here’s how to create more

3. Bonus interviews (video & audio)

  • Melody Granger, Professional Organizer and Coach
  • Tagatowel creator & The Ohana Mama, Sarah Burns
  • Fitness & Health Coach, Leeanne Hebert
  • Celebrity Personal Trainer, Valerie Waters

(updates will be added as I conduct more interviews!)

4. Bonus PDF worksheets

  • Where Are You Now?
  • Healthy and Happy Habits
  • Find Experts
  • Find Your Rhythm
  • Productivity Zombie
  • Your Best Work

5. Resource Guide
A 12-page pdf sharing the books, websites, people who have provided me with the inspiration for making more space in my own life.  This is an ever evolving list of my personal resources – so you’ll get updates whenever I make them!!

6. Members only
You’ll get instant access to videos, audios, worksheet downloads in one convenient web page protected for readers of The White Space Solution.  You get free updates to this area — so you’ll get first dibs on new worksheets, interviews, and any training videos I create.

Questions & Answers

Have additional questions not covered below? Email me at info at annesamoilov.com with the WSS Question in the subject line!

Q: Can I get it on Kindle, iBooks, or other ebook format?
A: Not yet, but you will be able to very soon!

Q: What about a print version?
A: This is also coming soon!

Q: I just bought the book but don’t know what to do next. How do I get it?
A: You should receive an email (the one you used to pay for the book) that contains a download link. You only get 5 attempts to download the file, so don’t click on it until you’re at the computer you want to download the book to. The download should contain the book and several files, including a “start here” file. This start-here file has very basic instructions and info on how to access the private webpage.

Q: But I never received an email with a download link … what now?
A: No worries … just email me at [email protected], let me know you bought “white space solution” but didn’t receive the link, and I’ll send it to you.

Q: What about an audiobook?
A: Yes yes yes! I went back and forth on this one and do want to create an audio version of the e-book. Email me if you really want it!

p.s. Thanks to Leo Babauta for providing me with a few simple and elegant blog posts I based my own e-book announcement.