What's your to do list look like today? If you’ve got a lot on your daily, weekly, hourly list, then you’ve probably had the feeling of regret once or twice.

You know, at the end of the day, those important items that didn’t get crossed off, the ones that didn’t even make the list, and maybe the ones you are remember literally RIGHT NOW.

Well, I had a thought yesterday when I returned from a long, busy weekend away.

I was tired from very little sleep and really from the inspiration/information overload I experienced at the event.

I knew I had a ton of work to jump into right away — everything from finishing pieces for my daughter’s Halloween costume to doing my laundry…to actual work like prepping videos and blog posts.

Did I need a to do list?

How was I going to get it all done?

I decided to pull out a strategy I haven’t used in awhile, but seemed perfect for this moment of too muchness.

I sat down and started writing a letter to myself.

Before you click away read on how you writing a letter to myself was the best way for me to clear just enough space to get back in action.

It must have been a strange flash of inspiration.  I explained what I needed to do and by when…and then spent time telling myself what wasn’t really important and could be delayed for a few days.  I kept it fairly short, but made sure to include the key activities and projects that need to be wrapped up this week.

After I finished the letter, I read it over and felt the familiar calm wash over me.  Ahhh. Yes. There we go. Now I can actually do everything I want to do.  Funny thing too…I kept glancing back at the letter all day, saying…ah that was nice of me!

Read on to find out how to give yourself this little white space gift.

How To Write A Letter To Yourself

1. Start with a supportive opening sentence – make it really personal and the exact words you want to hear when you get a letter from someone who loves (and supports!) you.

2. Just write free form what you want to get done this week.  Be specific or not. Just write from your heart. Imagine someone is reminding you what you need to do – instead of letting all the to – dos rattle around in your head.

3. Close with another supportive sentence or two. Imagine you are writing to a friend!  Make sure you tell yourself to ask for help if you need it.

Why Would You Write A Letter To Yourself?

Especially now – when we are receiving email upon email and voicemails and texts…it’s kinda special when you get a letter in the mail, can hold it in your hand and read it.  There’s something solid, firm, and clear about the intention of a letter.  I have a few friends who keep surprising me with cards and letters…I love it!

And believe it or not, even when the letter is from yourself, you’ll get some of that same feeling. Trust me and try it.

I like comments! Do you have a creative to do list that you break out when you need an extra push to get things done? Let me know in the comments below!