A year ago I started an experiment with Facebook Ads. 1 year later and I’m ready to update and improve the experiment again.

I wanted to make more sales with a product that would be available all the time (and not just when I launched it publicly).

Today, I’m taking you inside the experiment a bit so you can learn:

  • What I’m changing and keeping the same
  • Why this is such a noteworthy test for my business
  • Questions to ask once you’ve set up your own campaign
  • How to make micro improvements
  • How to set up your own sample campaign

Come behind the scenes as I share where my test is today…

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Launch Walkthrough is a standalone DIY course that provides a roadmap and launch to do list – the course delivers it in a few different ways – but essentially is for someone who can’t afford a project manager and/or doesn’t want to hire one.

Also, it’s perfect for someone on a launch team because as the various tasks come through, they’ll jog your brain on potentially new tasks that you have to do.

Okay – so since a core part of the course is delivered via email, I decided to create a sample series. You can read about that over on the blog and even sign up for the sample too.





I set this up about a year ago with the help of one of Amy Porterfield’s programs…and have been able to sustain a nice 6-8% conversion mostly from Facebook Ads.

However, the best surges of sales were when I did timed promotions…coupled with Facebook Ads.

Deadlines help people make decisions, right?

Also – in addition to the deadlines, I also offered 3 packages (up until very recently) – you could choose from 3 different levels – ebook, ecourse, or the whole enchilada including the overview video, roadmap, and facebook group.

So all that was working OKAY, but not great. Usually the best sales conversions had to happen when I drove a bunch of traffic there by Facebook ads.

So, I dove back into a few different places recently and updated the material in the sample, added a limited time offer (but vague to be honest) at a substantially lower price…

And initial results show me that while people are definitely interested in the sample, sign up for it easily, open all the emails, click when there are links…most end up NOT buying unless there’s some sort of deadline or impending end to a discount.

Oh – side by side to this, I’ve also been doing a direct test of the offer itself to small group of people with very specific criteria — they’ve clicked my sales page for this product and for Fearless Launching. Multiple times. I know they want and need help with launching.

And it’s converting at least 5% higher.

So, what’s likely going to happen? What changes can I make to essentially turn this campaign around and make more sales consistently?

Listen to the episode as I go into these questions I’m already asking…to start the improvement process.

How much content is too much free content?

Can you have multiple optins?

Should I deliver the “thing” faster instead of over time?

Should I extend the email sequence and provide more value before making a CTA?

Do I need a hard deadline for people to make their decision to buy?

How many people do I need in my funnel in order to determine when there’s a winning method?

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