Ok – I'm kind of a smart ass…as many of you know…and so even though I am very thoughtful, contemplative and well, a head case sometimes…I love to laugh. Because – I think this can be one of the best space clearing activities you'll do all month.

I particularly like this video clip of a bit by the late George Carlin. I saw this a long time ago – and I've kind of never forgotten it.

It's all about the space we use, the stuff we have and how ridiculous it all can be.


Now, if you're anything like me, even though you laugh during the video…it also might make you cringe a little. Because it's all true.  We are a culture obsessed with all the physical stuff we need to survive.  I won't even tell you how long I kept a storage space here in LA…while I lived in Canada for 2 years. Wait ooops! Now, that's embarrassing, considering I emptied it and threw most of it away when I returned to live here.

Today – I want you to simply continue the same awareness exercise we did yesterday and simply notice the stuff that surrounds you.

Almost step outside of yourself, step back, and look at yourself and your space.  Do you need it all?

Is there something you can lose right now?

Try this exercise: Look around your space and squint your eyes at the room around you.  Is there one thing that stands out that you could purge or needs some tidying up right now? Okay then, just do it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow – where we get into serious action.  I'm sharing an information packed interview with a woman who's business is to help other women create clear, clean spaces. You're going to love her…and get some unexpected steps you can take immediately to start your spring cleaning with a bang.