What do you really want?

If you want to simplify and improve your life but have been putting it off until you had the time to really devote to making “things better”, or just don’t know where to start — you are not alone.

I asked many moms and busy women I know what they wish they could finally get a handle on this year.  All of them seemed to spout the same thing, work-life balance, more working out, more time for themselves, time off without worrying about work, time with the kids, time away from the kids.

All of these are essentially saying the same thing – I want more freedom, more space to myself, so I thought wow, this is all white space. Just like white noise, there’s not complications, no interruptions, no message.  Just the lack of stimulus.  Space where thoughts, worries, and stress don’t need to happen.  Nothing needs to fill it.  Ahhhh…I’m sighing out loud right now just thinking about it!

The reality is that most women and definitely all moms need to improve and increase this white space in their lives – but many of us never get the chance nor take the time or get around to figuring out how to get it!

So, that’s what the next 31 days are about.

The inspiration and idea is simple.  By the end of this challenge you’ll have spent 31 days learning new ways to simplify and get more white space in your life AND put them into practice.  It is designed not only to enlighten you with knowledge about simplifying your life and being happily productive, but also give you some real life actions you can take to ACTUALLY USE the advice.

So, if you’re ready…let’s do this!  Each week will focus on a different important theme. This week – it’s your health and physical space.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How the right food fuels your body & brain for more energy, better time management and A’s on your report card.
  • Some simple, unexpected steps to clear out the cobwebs in your physical space…and how they just might clear out other areas of your life too!
  • Why “their” stuff is s*it and your s*it is stuff!

Then, I’ll wrap up the week by paying a little homage to my first featured White Space Goddess.

Let’s Get Started.

Watch the video. Do the exercise. And post anything you discovered below in the comments and make sure to tweet this post!