So, you’ve poured out all of your thoughts, took a look at your physical surroundings & stuff…now it’s time to hear from a woman who helps people organize and clean their homes … and create spaces where miracles and possibility have room to happen.

Melody Granger is a Professional Organizer & Coach. She teaches women how to clear up their spaces and then gets them ready for the success that follows.  She’s seen it all and knows the shame and anxiety that a cluttered home can cause…

I was so excited to talk to Melody and I know you’ll really enjoy listening in to our chat.

Here are a few things you’ll learn:

  • A surprising tip for where to start cleaning out the big, tough areas of your house…
  • The best way to start clearing your clutter – right now.
  • How to get your kids involved and let go of the stuff they don’t need

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Here are some of the highlights if you want to go back and listen to specific areas:

Melody’s Story 2:05
Who Needs Melody 6:00
First Step To Cleaning Out Your Space 11:06
Getting Started If You’re Overwhelmed 14:00
The “Not A Big Deal” Spot You Need to Focus on First 16:00
Think You Have Things Under Control? 19:53
Self-Worth, Possibility, and Success 20:13
Teaching your children to stay organized 23:30
Melody gives you homework! Do this! 28:56

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