Today is more of a confessional…where I share with you a personal story of growth and how I found a way to bring more space into my life.

Because I talked about your health with Nathalie, I wanted to continue you that theme  AND introduce you to my first featured White Space Goddess.

Valerie Waters is known to many as a personal trainer to the stars, but to me she has become a dear force in my life. She has taught me the simple, everyday things I can do to stay on track, to stay healthy, to always be striving for a healthy lifestyle and of course a healthy body.

When I first discovered Val 2 years ago – I was ready for a change.  I had spent a full calendar year letting the demands of being a new mom overtake me.  The prescription that finally worked? Joining Val’s  Red Carpet Ready 6 week program. But that was just the beginning.   After getting my Valslide on and cleaning up my eating, I got another gift from Ms. Waters.  A support team that backed my every move when I was first making those choices. I’m not going to lie, it was not easy and sometime even now isn’t “easy”. But through support in the RCR club and from Val herself, everything started to click.

I started teaching pilates again. I reconnected with friends I hadn’t seen for more than a year. I really started caring about myself again. My confidence shot through the roof. I lost weight and gained muscle.

What amazes me most about Val is that she is so down to earth, so willing to give, and so real.  You truly feel her presence in the group and she is not just some forum administrator answering questions. Val takes pride in her Red Carpet Ready club. She gets in there, rolls up her sleeves and provides real support and advice.  Her presence with the group is consistent.

So, today, while I want to acknowledge my own journey and the way that getting my health in order truly changed how I started living, I can’t deny the woman who helped me get there.

Here are just a few lessons & reminders from Val that get me moving when I’m not feeling like eating right or exercising:

  • You’re only 1 workout away from a better mood.
  • You’re only 1 meal away from being someone who eats a healthy diet and you’re only 1 workout away from someone who works out. (Seems simple…but it takes the “I’ll never get there” thoughts out of your head!)
  • Eat your breakfast everyday and try to get your veggies in early!
  • Willpower is in short supply that’s why it’s so important to plan & prepare.
  • Set your intentions at least every 6 weeks and keep them visible everywhere.
  • Water Break!

Recommended Reading & Workouts:

Sometimes it takes finding the right teacher.  If you want to get an amazing support team, easy to implement workouts and eating guides… I highly recommend signing up for any of Val’s programs.  She’s truly a phenomenal person and trainer.  You will not be sorry.

If you DO know Val, throw some love for her down below and how working with her has cleared an area of your life — whether just the accomplishment of staying consistent in a workout program or giving you the confidence to pursue a secret dream.

Have a great weekend and remember to take care of yourselves.

Until Monday,