communication tipsHave you ever written an email or sent some marketing communication that just felt or sounded wrong?

Like the minute you hit send, you get this gut feeling someone’s going to take it the wrong way?

And it doesn’t happen in your business, but to a friend, to your mom…

Out of the tons of messages and types of messages we send out daily in our lives, you might start wondering if people get you.

Maybe you even wonder if YOU get You….

If you’ve ever had someone tell you that you were inside their head when you wrote a blog post or on the completely other end of the spectrum that you sounded different…or not like yourself…

There’s a good chance you should be adjusting one of those approaches…(i.e. The one where you don’t sound like the real you.)

So I brought in an expert. A woman who’s given entrepreneurs and girlfriends and probably even family members honest feedback and communication tips to make sure they don’t experience one of those…”I wish I hadn’t sent that” moments.

We’re talking to Nikki Elledge Brown…a University level professor turned Park Ranger turned Communication Stylist… While she’s always had a knack and talent for communicating and helping others do that, Nikki only started her business a few short years ago….


Today we dig into topics like:

  • The breadcrumbs she followed to her current business…and exactly how she became the communication stylist.
  • What she learned working with over 160 one-on-one clients before she created her course and the real reason she ended up making a course?
  • The one thing she’d suggest you never do and she never will too if you’re launching a course for the first time (or ever).
  • The evolution of A Course About Copy and what she’s creating now!

Plus, I asked Nikki some fun questions about finding your voice as you write, her guilty pleasures, and how you can be part of her next big project!

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