[Workshop] Plan With Me: Create Your Next Launch Map

Launch Overwhelm. You know, that thing that can make you feel like: … you’re trying to do too much … you’re getting nothing done … you wish you had more time So you think – how can avoid being overwhelmed? I’ll make a schedule! I’ll prioritize my to do list! I’m going to delegate the work! And you might feel […]


How To Create A Solid Launch Map In 8 Simple Steps

Does the idea of planning your next launch make you cringe? Does it bring up sudden waves of overwhelm? If you simply do not enjoy planning and like to let your business, projects and promotions roll out organically, today’s episode is for you. We’re talking about create a launch map INSTEAD of simply planning your launch. Because the truth is […]


How To Create Your Course Launch Plan (free workbook)

If you’ve ever sat down to start planning your course launch, you’ve likely felt the overwhelm monster tip-toeing up behind you. But I've got something to help you create your online course launch plan. Keep reading! We’ve all been there in those first moments when we’re really just in the brainstorming phase and we realize, oh no…this is going to take […]