Launch Overwhelm.

You know, that thing that can make you feel like:

… you’re trying to do too much

… you’re getting nothing done

… you wish you had more time

So you think – how can avoid being overwhelmed?

I’ll make a schedule! I’ll prioritize my to do list! I’m going to delegate the work!

And you might feel better…if you do these things.

…but avoiding overwhelm isn’t the key to a less stressful (or more successful) launch.

Creating a map is…

Part planning, part strategy – a map is a guide that lays out everything from the dates you’ll open cart but also includes how you’ll community, what tech you’ll need in place, and the results you want to achieve as a result.

A Launch Map is the manual for your launch.

In this workshop, I’m teaching you live how to create a fully fleshed out launch map. One that you’ll turn into your complete launch to do list.

Behind every successful launch I’ve worked, there’s been a clear, well-thought out plan. Before the product was finished. Before the partners were contacted. Before the open-cart date was defined. Before the team was assembled.

The launch plan and schedule served as the bones for everything.

If you’ve got 6 weeks or more before you want to launch a product or service online now, this workshop is for you.

Not only will you be able to participate in a live group training with me and others who are also planning their launch, but you’ll also get all the resources I know you’ll want and need as you dig into your own planning.

Jump into the workshop now to get your next launch mapped out this week.

Here’s a peek at what we’ll be covering:

  • Why Planning Is Important + How far in advance is just right for you
  • Tools I recommend for planning out your launches
  • Common launch scenarios and schedules
  • How to set the main dates of your next launch
  • Guidelines for breaking down a project or a launch
  • How to stay on track secrets – for when you’re launching alone, with a team or client
  • How long things take for real and the art of padding the schedule – stuff that needs to start early, what to skip, what to avoid.
  • 6 things that you need to include in your launch map that DON’T go on the calendar!

If you’re there live with us, we’ll be doing some of the following together:

  • Set the main milestone dates for the launch
  • Identify the systems you’ll need to set up & how far in advance
  • Start breaking down your project and defining weekly deliverables
  • Complete a simple project breakdown and calendar for a sample project that includes webinar, Facebook ads, members area – online course creation and even delivery!

You’ll also receive lifetime access to the materials and free entry into future Live Launch Planning workshops.

If you’re ready to stop sweeping overwhelm under the table, make sure to check out all the details of the class right here and reserve your spot today!


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