There are a lot of ways to know if your business is growing.

We’ve got metrics to tell us more people follow us.

Data to say we have more people visiting our sites.

And there’s even data to tell us when people open, click-through, and buy from our emails.

But do these numbers tell us the whole story?

Just like the numbers tell a story about our business, the people we serve, the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, so does something else…something much deeper.

Let’s ask an expert.

Jadah Sellner is on a mission to encourage entrepreneurs to add another measure of growth to the mix.


Not only has Jadah carved out space where she’s teaching people who to connect, grow a thriving audience, but she’s showing entrepreneurs how to do it with a little more love.

We dive into so many topics into today’s episode

Jadah Sellner first rolled onto the internet scene as co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies – which grew their audience very quickly in its first year of business. They attribute a lot of that success to how they built their community and tribe using Instagram and a 30-day challenge.

Cut to today – Jadah has started a new venture where she helps entrepreneurs build their own communities using metrics some may shrug off but have really been at the core of how she does everything.

In this episode we talk about:

▪Finding the best place to spotlight your talents so your audience can find you easily

▪What to do once you do find your “dance floor”, so that people stick around and want to join you!

▪Love Metrics – What are they and why they are so important to your business?

Connect With Jadah

Make sure to listen because Jadah lets us in on some of the things she’s focused on this year:

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Got questions on how to build your list once you’re dancing on your dance floor? Leave a comment below and let Jadah know and we’ll bring her back on for an ENCORE!

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