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Being an entrepreneur is like being a detective.

You’re on the hunt for people who have the one big problem you solve.

So you try all different types of things to find these people.



Leaking out secrets.

You’re testing all sorts of ideas in your head, with your friends…teasing them out to the readers of your blog.

You’re looking for that worthwhile “thing” to launch or to put you on the map. Make you legit.

Waiting for someone to make a move.

Truth is: getting any idea out into the world, takes thought, effort and so much more than someone making a move, clicking a button or saying yes.

So the mere act of launching gives you so much klout as a business owner (even internal klout counts).

Today’s episode of The Fearless Launching Show covers those lessons you can learn faster and more effectively when you launch an idea.

Sure you can crash and burn much faster – but you can also shift course faster, make room for new ideas, and perhaps bigger ones.

Here are the 5 flavors your launch lessons come in…

1. You Guessed Right

It’s easy to spend a ton of time creating your first product, fleshing out the idea for a new service and maybe even changing the focus on your business completely. The moment you put your offer into the world, you find out a number of things from – do people want it? Do the people you thought wanted it want it? Do people understand what the offer is? Are people buying it? If so, who? There’s only one way to get this info and it isn’t from constant surveying of people…it’s from launching.

2. Numbers Don’t Mean Much

So, you’re going along, building your list, and feeling great about the number that keeps increasing. You keep blogging, tweeting, giving lots of amazing content, but making no real offers or asking the people in your audience to DO anything. Launching will tell you if you’ve got action takers. Forget about the number, you want to know who’s on your list. Even a simple email mini launch could be the first guess at the type of people on the list…and if they are buyers.

3. The Meh Factor

Doesn’t matter how successful or not your launch was…a launch will help you realize something about the process, the product, or the execution of this idea. You might discover you don’t like putting online products together and would much rather do an in person workshop. You might decide you loved it so much that you want to do more of the same.

4. Discover Your Strengths

Nothing like a deadline-oriented project to bring out the best and worst in people. That includes you! You’ll discover what your team does well and not so well. You’ll see where you drop the ball yourself or totally shine. Launching will help you figure out where to focus your energy the next time you launch AND who to do what!

5. Check please

Probably the biggest realization I’ve seen people make as a result of launching is that inner knowing and answer to the question, “Is this business right for me?” or “Is this launch helping me reach my bigger vision?” When I first started out I created an ebook called “The White Space Solution.” I was so proud to get it out there. But what I never looked at until recently was knowing how it fit (or didn’t) with my business. A product is not a business – it’s a part of the business only.

Your Turn

What lessons have you learned when you launched? Leave them in the comments below and feel free to share the details too!


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