How secure is your website?

When people make a purchase is their information protected and completely secure? What would you do if your funds were locked by your payment processor? How would you handle a technical breakdown of your site?

If you’ve ever launched, you know that the technical piece of the whole marketing event is often what brings a launch (and possibly you) to it’s knees.

If you’re launching now or launching soon, watch this video to learn 4 easy tasks you can handle today you keep your site, your business, and your customers safe and secure.


1. Secure Your Site

Like I mentioned on my podcast…this is an ongoing system that honestly, I’ve let slide…which makes ZERO sense knowing that it’s my business. I received an outpouring of support as a result – giving me advice about new hosts (which was not really the reason things went awry), using wordfence, getting sucuri, how to deal with wpengine or bluehost…

Head over to Sucuri and put your url – once with the www (dot) yoursite (dot) com and then once without > yoursite (dot) com

Also – check out my podcast where I share my own recent story of things breaking down in my own business…

2. Secure order forms:

Last year I was working on a launch … we had some external teams creating various pieces…one was the order form… now Infusionsoft order forms are secure as is… start adding images, using new fonts…and something as simple as external elements and you create a potentially insecure environment.

How do you know if your page is secure?

Take a look below and you’ll see what we saw. Run your mouse/cursor over the lock graphic and see if any alerts come up. This could look different on different browsers, so make sure to check them all. Here’s a quick peek at what you might see:

1. No Problems:


2. Possible problems:


3. Click on the arrow and you might see:

Don’t panic!  You can fix this!

Now all this means is that you’ve got a secure form using some insecure elements…like images or fonts that make the form not secure. It’s worth it to fix those!

3. Show You Are Secure

Make sure you show to people you are secure. This might seem secondary, but some people will already NOT feel great about buying something online.

Depending on what you are selling, what type of market you’re in, and if those customers are used to the whole process.

Show the or secure site banners given to you by your payment gateway. Put a link to your terms of service and privacy agreement on your sales pages, main site footer, and on your order forms.

The first thing that does to get you going is tell you where to post your email, address, phone number, your refund poicies, and their seal…so they can review the whole thing and make sure you are secure.

4. Communicate with your services.

This would have never crossed my mind before being involved in many 6 and 7 figure launches… but makes total sense if you think about it…even if you are new to launching.

When you plan to have higher traffic – let’s say during a launch, a webinar or some other type of event where there’s a good potential for higher traffic or sales.

    1. with your host
    2. with your payment gateway and merchant account
    3. with your email marketing provider
    4. with your bank
    5. with your accountant
    6. with paypal (omg this is a big one for most people starting out!)

These services may seem like you can’t tell them when you’re launching, but I’ve found them incredibly helpful to avoid any locked accounts…which is something that does happen. So reach out to them and just let them know that you will be having higher activity over the length of your launch and especially on the date you’re opening or closing.

Final Tip and this could be the most important, keep all your numbers, passwords, ftp information in a handy central launch document. You’ll thank me when you aren’t searching your google docs or your email for all these credentials when the x$%@C hits the fan during a launch.

Responding quickly is key PLUS you’ll also feel totally in control knowing you can solve a problem without too much drama.

Got more tips for us? Leave a comment below if there’s anything else you do to prepare for a launch – in order to secure your site, keep everything organized, and be prepared for technical snafus that sometimes happen.

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