Even when you keep a “clean” home, you’re probably missing some areas that aren’t immediately in need of attention.  So, even when you think you’ve cleaned everything up – and things look “pretty good”, do this quick test to make sure  your space isn’t playing tricks on you.

I like do this little trick at least once a week–preferably on a Friday when no one is at home.  If you’re an artist or designer, you may have done this trick while reviewing your work or someone else’s.

Do the squint test.

Time to complete: 30 seconds.

Here’s what to do:  Look around 1 room in your home squinting your eyes.  Does anything stand out to you?

You might see a pile of stuff on a table or the corner of a counter with some random items on it.  Usually you’ll just notice darker or lighter areas throughout the room that seem to have things stacked or grouped together.

Action to Take: Take the next 5 minutes to clean up the area.

Results: More space – these tricky little spots actually suck energy from you as you gaze around your room on a daily basis.  One of those piles might have been bills you organized to pay, but still haven’t done it.  Another spot might be products you bought at the store but haven’t put away yet.  Even your organized clutter is clutter. Each time your eyes pass over the area you may be thinking about it for a split second (or longer), remembering what you have to do, stressing over it, or feeling guilty you haven’t done it yet.

Take 5 minutes NOW to stop this tricky clutter.

Extra Credit: Until this is a habit for you, schedule a few squint tests into your calendar!

Have a great weekend!