Embrace Bad Lighting

I don’t know one woman who hasn’t felt that dread of walking into a bathroom at the mall, a restaurant, a department store dressing room or other non-home situation and made the “oh god” face in the mirror. Usually, the lighting is not designed to make any of us look like the vixens we envision ourselves as we walk out the door in the morning.

There are a few stores that seem to “get” that it’s a good idea to make women look as good as possible while trying on their clothes – skinny mirrors and sex kitten lighting are in full effect there… but those places are hard to find! Am I right ladies?

Much like the dread of seeing ourselves in bad lighting, we often avoid situations where we know we won’t look as hot as we want to. Like telling people we want to start a business or change careers or write a book or even lose weight. It’s hard to tell people what we want to do for fear of how we look {to them!}!

Today I encourage you to say to heck with the bad lighting. Show yourself in full effect – don’t worry about wearing make-up or the fact that you put your t-shirt on inside out not once but twice this week (yes, I’m owning up to that…I still can’t quite believe how nice it felt to be inside out)!

Here are some common worries – maybe you’ve experienced some of these fears:

am I ready?
do I have all my ducks in a row?
is my house clean enough?
do I have enough money?
do I have enough experience?
am I allowed to do this yet?
do I need permission?

Step into the light and let whatever you want shine in front of everyone. Don’t worry if it’s not as pretty as you thought it would be.

You’re ready. You’re not ready. You can do it.  It’s time.

When I first graduated film school, I remember seeing a few of my classmates dive into make movies…some got them finished and some didn’t. The one thing I realized after seeing several really mediocre films complete was that it’s about getting it done – and shipping your goods to the world. Doesn’t matter how amazing your idea is – if no one ever gets to see or experience it, it doesn’t exist for them…It only exists in your head.

To me that’s a sad thing…and I want as many of you to set those ideas and dreams free. Don’t let them wither or die inside of your mind.

How Does This Apply To Me?

What are you not doing right now – that you should and could start doing right away to improve one aspect of your life – your health, your business, your relationships, your career, your financial status, your overall happiness.

Did I reach out to anyone who is ahead of me on the same path?
Did I interact with more people this week than I did last week?
Did I write out all of my goals and prioritize them?
Did I take at least 1 action every single day toward those goals?

This is what changes your biz, your health, and your life…it’s your interactions with other people, consistent action every single day, and the ability to identify & get to know people who are on the same path …and slightly ahead of you.

Expand and evolve – reach beyond where you are right now – whether that means getting to know new people or learning new skills.

Bad lighting doesn’t have to be bad at all – look at it as your chance to:

See yourself in a new light
Allow others to see you in a new way
Demonstrate your fearlessness to the world
Realize you no longer want to pursue a goal
Achieve something you previously thought was NOT possible

Notice this site…I stripped it bare. I planned to keep it behind maintenance mode until the design was finished, my new header was designed and all the goodness was ready to unveil to the world. But then I realized I wanted to share the process with you.  I’m okay that it’s a work in progress…just like I am.

Stop waiting to be ready. No one’s ever really 100% ready.

Take a chance right now and leave a comment below or email me at anne @ anne samoilov dot com.