Ever experience launch envy?

You see other launches and get bummed that your's doesn't look as big and shiny?

Well, listen up and pay attention as Pace Smith and Kelly Kingman share their ideas on launching your own way.

This is a conversation you don't want to miss if you've been struggling getting your own launch off the ground.

Who Are These Ladies?

Pace Smith and Kelly Kingman have separate businesses online and have made a name for themselves creating unique courses in various formats.

Kelly is well-known for her work in the ebook Stick Ebook Formula and Ebook Evolution. She has gone on to become a thought leader and writer featured on ProBlogger and works with some big time experts on developing their content and courses… in addition to partnering with Relationship, Connection, and Creation expert Pace Smith. Make sure to check out Kelly Kingman Media too!

Pace is best known for her work with her partner Kyeli on The Connection Revolution.  She put together The World-Changing Writer’s Workshop – in its 3rd year and enrolling RIGHT NOW.

She and her partner created the e-course 52 weeks to Awesome – which is a 52-week email series that is seriously AMAZING.

Pace's recent partnering with Kelly on The Way of The Peaceful Entrepreneur is an online/interactive 6-week course about how to build a business without being a stressed out freak… how to still build a strong, thriving business without having to “Crush It!”.

Get ready to lose your launch envy, launch it your way, and start having the business that you want (even if it breaks all the rules and blueprints!):


And since this is a long one – you may want to listen or download the interview: Right click to download the mp3

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