Where do you turn when you need a little inspiration?

Some days running your online business can feel a little like you’re in a vacuum, especially when you’re launching.

In the moments where you’ve been strategizing or planning too much – getting out of your head for a second and getting the encouragement from peers helps. A TON.

Now – I’m NOT talking about taking your eyes off your own paper – because that only leads to crazytown comparison.

I’m talking about listening to someone who’s encouraging, supportive, and has gone through it already…several times!

Get ready to enjoy and learn from an information packed conversation with Amy Porterfield. If you’ve been on Facebook, trying to apply Facebook to your business, then you probably know Amy.

Behind The Scenes with Amy Porterfield

You’ll find out how she went from consulting on other people’s launches to creating her own products, growing her list and becoming the entrepreneur she set out to be in the first place!

Here are the topics we cover:

    • The truth about getting to 1,000 subscribers
    • Big lessons you’ll learn from making launch mistakes
    • How to find the right team for your budget
    • The importance of keeping momentum after a launch


Take a moment to share at least one thing you learned from Amy and the action you’ll take to prove it.

Want more of Amy?  Check out her complete Facebook business training program FB Influence.

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