Spend any time on social media, reading blogs, going to webinars, listening to business summits and you’ll hear one thing over and over.

You’ve got to outsource to grow.

And the idea is fine – it’s true. You need to delegate many things in your business.

But there are others who prefer to go it alone as long as they can – until they literally MUST hire people to help them.

Is this the wrong approach?

I say no…and maybe yes.

Today’s episode of the Fearless Launching show, I talk about three different paths you might choose depending on how new you are to business, your budget, your time frame and your experience with launching.

My big spoiler is that you do not need to hire or delegate every single launch task in order to have a successful launch, but it can make things easier.

Hopefully, by the end you’ll know whether you’ll do it all alone, hire out completely, or take my third preferred option.

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But Wait – Don’t Hire Just Yet

Before you start almost anything–in your business, in your work or even in your career is … you getting educated. Sometimes this is education you gather and guide yourself through. Sometimes this is education you get while working with a coach. You might also get education in a class, course, or program.

When it comes to launching, the one thing I know is that everyone needs to understand the process and pieces that need to come together during a launch. Even though it’s easy to see what others are doing and feel like you know what happens during a launch, there are steps, decisions, and stuff that you wouldn’t know is even happening unless you were behind the scenes.

That’s why I created Fearless Launching…to give people a clear understanding of the launch process, how to apply it to their unique business, and really execute on their ideas.

As I mention in today’s episode, education is an important step for anyone in business. Before hiring or deciding not to hire, you must have a good understanding of what it’s going to take to do whatever it is you’re trying to do in your business.

So now let’s dive into the options – what you should know before you DIY or farm it all out to others.

Option #1: DIY

Many people starting a business, start doing everything themselves. But sometimes, even after establishing a business, you might actually LOVE keeping things small, manageable. If you’re the type of person who likes to do everything yourself, great you can keep doing many things yourself.

When you start to launch new products or services you might find all the tasks related to launching a wee bit overwhelming. If you find yourself stalling on work, feeling anxious or simply letting things slip, FIND HELP.

Set a time limit for yourself on new activities or tasks that you suspect should be done by someone else. Say – 20 minutes and then I’m fired from this task. You’ll be surprised how much time you save simply by stopping  yourself at that 20 minute mark.

You’ll see I’ve got a lot to say in the episode about doing everything yourself – because I’ve got a lot of experience with it.

I don’t think DIY is for everyone but I don’t necessarily think it’s the WRONG way to launch!

Option #2: Farm It Out

So you’ve got a little money — maybe you’ve been making enough in your business to finally hire a few people. Before you hire a few people or HIRE OUT FOR EVERYTHING in your business, go back to what I said at the start.

Get informed.

Get educated.

Get to know the positions you’re hiring for.

Brainstorm the type of people you like to work with.

Know your dealbreakers.

Know the difference between a VA and a Launch Manager.

Know the difference between a Project Manager and a Launch Manager.

I created my teams masterclass this fall for this exact reason.

So many people – myself included have had bad luck hiring people that weren’t quite right for a launch. They might be fine for posting blog posts, scheduling social media, scheduling your interviews…but they might not be prepared for the fast-paced, often crazy product launches! It’s up to you as a business owner to educate yourself AND your team.

If you’re ready to do that, plus you have the money to invest, the time to get clear on who you need and then train those people, this option might be right for you!

Let me say that I’ve seen this work really well when the biz owner has a coach and a few high level advisors who are helping to make sure every job is covered and that they’re being covered by the right people.

In this scenario – the education happens as you work with your advisors, but it’s still a good idea to take some of the learning into your own hands. That way you aren’t at the whim of any one person’s opinion about what you should do. No one knows your business better than you.

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Option #3: Best of Both Worlds

The final and my preferred way of working — not just during launches but ongoing — is to mix it up between some DIY and some outsourcing.

Instead of handing your entire business to someone else, first decide your genius zones and then more specifically which areas you SHOULD be working on and which you can let go even if you are truly amazing doing them.

Next, hire experts you won’t have to manage. This is funny coming from an ex-project manager, but it’s the truth. Managing people sucks. Finding people who are self-directed, take ownership and are willing to do MORE is my unicorn team (my dream team).

Finally, get education for yourself in the form of a class like Fearless Launching, but also make sure you seek outside guidance from a coach who can give you another perspective and make sure you’re taking action.

Make sure to listen to today’s episode for more insights on which team, biz approach is right for you.

Mentioned In Today’s Episode

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White Space Solution – This is the first ebook I launched and even though the pieces were fairly simple from the outside…write it, edit it, format it, and launch it…I still ended up hiring people to help with the design, layout, and formatting for kindle.

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