What are you waiting for in your business? Are you waiting for feedback?

We wait for a lot of things in our lives…the right time, the perfect conditions, when we’re older, when we have more money, when we’ve got a house. And in our business, sometimes people wait for the sale, the call, the list to grow…for people to give us feedback (and social proof).

How’s that working for you?

What if you have no social proof, testimonials, or case studies … how are you going to sell your services or programs if no one can vouch for you?
Here are 3 ideas to inspire you to gather social proof even when you’re creating something brand new!

So, if you’re ready to start proactively looking, gathering, and gaining insight into how to improve your product, service, or launch–

Let’s dive in!

Episode Timeline:

  • [4:10] How fear drives your need for feedback and what can happen when you stop waiting.
  • [6:40] The importance of feedback for your business.
  • [9:05] Three ways that I use to successfully get feedback.
  • [14:33] How to get feedback and social proof when you don’t have a product or service or customers yet!


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