So you thought the wrap up posts for 2012 were over did you?

Well, I took some extra time.

Went through the stats.

Found the posts that touched you – that started good conversations – where you reached out to me personally.

And I’ve created a fun video sharing these top 10 of 2012.

You may not know there’s an actual reason I write each and every post.

Watch the video now to get that insight, discover a post you missed and listen to the song that literally almost got me banned from my own home because I was playing so much.

[vimeo width=”525″ height=”296″][/vimeo]

Without further adieu – here are your top posts of 2012. Yes – that’s right! YOU are responsible for this list!

  1. Will you ever be ready to launch?
  2. How to pick the right tools to run your online business
  3. How to see the business growth you deserve [behind the scenes]
  4. Q & A: Does your story really help turn readers into customers?
  5. Mid-year Review: is your business growth from fast burn or slow burn activities?
  6. How Laura Roeder launched her new business
  7. How to spot the best online program in the world
  8. Planning a year of productive and NON-EXHAUSTING launches
  9. My digital makeover
  10. When to test and when to check into your creative cave

And my personal pick for the year is actually a webinar announcement post that shares the way I view what I do for you.

Check out: Listen + Love + Deliver

Did I miss one?

Let me know in the comments below!