About 3 years ago, my life changed in a dramatic yet pretty common way where I “lost” the ability to take care of myself.

I had a baby.

Like many new moms, I found myself struggling to face this new role in my life, get my body back in shape, make a decision about work or starting my own business, and you can imagine…I just wasn’t fun to be around!  But I kept at it – at the task of simplifying and clearing out the different parts of my life–really just so I could function.

As I regained a sense of myself again, I started to implement more and more extremely simple strategies (baby steps, ha!) for getting my life back.  I knew I could help others.  I wanted to help people clear their internal and external clutter and start living again, to help them get rid of overwhelm, and then make a simple plan to build the life (business, relationship, whatever was crucial to their happiness) they wanted.

So, the More White Space challenge was born.  I spent the 31 days of March 2011 offering daily blog lessons to gain clarity, be more productive and have more energy.

But it wasn’t enough.  I knew I had to take the blog series a step further.

In the meantime, I continued working for a very busy social media marketing company – and my own white space was actually quite limited….how could I manage to take a single step when it felt like I had almost no room for my creative work? The challenge had already challenged me quite a bit. Juggling both was tough.

When Something’s Gotta Give.

A few things started to pile up – my work, launching a crazy successful program with 2 amazing women, an upcoming move out of state, making sure my family was taken care of in spite of the upcoming upheaval, and the continuous pull of white space.

Quite out of the blue, I started thinking about the ways I clear white space for the women I work with – by seeing all the moving parts of our projects and breaking them down into their most simple parts.  I realized that my white space project fit so well with my everyday experience…what was I freaking out about?

All I needed to do was find the white space for myself and I was good to go. But how?

Get help.

Just like I always preach and know from managing teams online and offline – ya can’t always do it alone. Time to call in the experts and get some help!

So I found someone I knew who would get the topic of finding time/space to do your best work.  Kelly Kingman helped me play with structure, content, what I wanted to say.  She kept me on task as I pulled the outline and rough draft together.

After my ideas were fairly developed and moving along, Kelly handed me off to an amazing editor who was able to pinpoint weaknesses and give me so many amazing ideas.  Leah McClellan went through every single word and made so many amazing suggestions and comments about the work, that I’m certain I wouldn’t have the same ebook today without her.

Sitting With The Words.

So, now I sit with the final draft. Tweaking. A little fluttery. Maybe nervous. But excited and happy to see this project coming to fruition!

What’s more, I’m so happy to be able to share this whole experience with you.  I talk a lot about consistent action, staying motivated, making a plan and then reaching your goals…and I think it’s important to show the process in full force and share my successes with you.

I don’t preach it. I aim to live it too.

The White Space Solution arrives SOON.  Please do me the honor of signing up for the advance notice list here.

I am excited to share it with you!