How To Deal With Change

If you’ve ever wondered how to deal with change, you’ll want to read on for an uncommon way to handle transitions.

When big changes happen in your life, you might start to think EVERYTHING has to change.

But it DOESN’T.

You’re not sure why, but you suddenly have the urge to make alterations to different areas of your life–even ones that don’t need fixing at all.

For instance…people make long distance moves all the time. I’ve made more than I can even count – wait – I’m thinking no less than 6 were coast to coast.

There are changes that naturally happen when you move:

  • you forward your mail
  • you shut off your cable, etc.
  • you quit your job (or leave it or whatever)
  • you change schools
  • you find a new hair dresser…
  • you say good bye to friends

I mean, you usually start a completely new life…

But not me.

My job is completely virtual, so I didn’t have to quit.

Many of my friends and family already live quite a long distance from me and we’re used to staying connected by phone, facebook, and email.

The entire move was handled by the company where my husband now works, so I didn’t have a ton of the “change” work to handle.

I still have my little Samoilov brood to take care of and to take care of me.

Out of all the craziness of a move, the one thing that kept confusing me was my job!

It felt so odd to be changing so many things in my daily life – to be experiencing all new people, places, and environment, then to come back to my work and know where I was and who I was working with.

There was a sense of stability…that just didn’t fit! I didn’t know how to deal with it!

So, what’s the point?

The point is a simple one, actually. When you are struggling for how to deal with change in your own life, look for unlikely spots of stability.

Once I realized that my passion, focus, and work (that I LOVE) hadn’t changed, I was able to settle in…and not feel quite so alone.

I bet if you look at everything that’s changing in your own life, there’s probably at least one thing that hasn’t altered a bit.

Hang on to it.

Let it give you that stability and grounding you need right now…