The Power of You

I’m honored and excited to share today’s White Space training with you.  I call it training, but my conversation with Hillary Rubin was all fun and extremely inspiring.  We sat down to talk on a sunny Saturday morning about everything from cooking to chicken little and we even got interrupted once by my screaming Mimi (my nickname for Mila…).

Take a listen as we talk about:

*Hillary’s story of overcoming abuse & a diagnosis of MS.
*1 activity that makes her soul sing and frees up a ton of white space
*Why you need to be a detective to avoid making mistakes over & over again.
*And an invitation to an exciting event she’s hosting in Los Angeles.

Phew…ok…listen to that one again FOR SURE.  I did and I learned some new things the second time around.

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Hillary’s gift to you is here:

Contact Hillary by going to her website:
You can also reach her on Twitter at: @HillaryRubin

And if you know right now you need to work with her, email her at info @ hillaryrubin dot com.

On the rise in the New York fashion world, with a plum job at Prada, Hillary Rubin was dealt a crushing blow: a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. But that was years ago. Today, Hillary is symptom and medication free, having found her own path to healing – through diet, yoga, meditation, lifestyle changes and other holistic methods — to living healthy, happy and whole. To learn more about Hillary and how to work with her, visit