“It’s not what you know…it’s who you know that matters…”

Who do you spend most of your time with? Your children? Other parents? Co-Workers? Your mom? Okay, now go deeper.

Who are these people really? What types of people are they — positive or negative? Inspiring or completely draining? Boring or exciting? Successful or (sorry) total degenerates?

Whether you want to face the fact or not…here’s the truth. Who you are right now — your happiness, your success, moods, stress — everything is related to the people around you — the ones you spend most or all of your time around.

So, if you’re not totally loving how you feel a good portion of each day — or anyone really makes you feel like crap — you already know something has to change.

White Space “Change Your VIPs” Exercise

Try This: Take out a piece of paper and list the 5 people you spend most of your waking time with. Now, if any of these people drain you or you sense their is a weight or downer on board, I want you to become aware of when you feel like that. I’m not going to tell you to cut them out of your life, because sometimes that’s not a realistic…there is a way around just say bye bye to everyone who doesn’t lift you up.

Take This Action: Shift who you spend time with. Spend more time with another person or another group of people. Shift your 5 people so if those downers aren’t getting into one of those prime spots. Save those hot spots for people who:

* Inspire you
* Encourage you
* Teach you
* Make you happy
* That you love spending hours and hours with!

Once you do this…a huge weight will be lifted and you will probably lose some feelings you’ve been feeling when around these people – guilt, anxiety, boredom, exhaustion. You’ll be lighter. There will be more space. Woo hoo!

Ok…one more step today…Leave your (possibly) New Top 5 below and why you love ‘em so dang much!

See you tomorrow!