Today’s episode of the Fearless Launching Show is all about this question – How long before you launch a new business, a new product or service should you tell people that something’s coming?

Some people give the “coming soon” call the day before.

Some people don’t even give a warning – they just say “we’re open” when they’re open.

Some are hinting at an upcoming launch months in advance.

And then what exactly do you say?

It’s no wonder there’s confusion.

How and when should you plant the seeds for your next launch?

Listen today and find out!

Ever on the hunt for a product that isn’t out yet? What about that elusive launch date for an online program you are finally ready to take?

The past two weeks I’ve spent an almost embarrassing amount of time searching for a specific Starbucks “winter tumbler”.

The number of Starbucks stores I’ve called to find out if and when they’ll get their new line of tumblers is kind of funny…long story short, I am obsessed with these designer coffee mugs, I love coffee, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on a special tumbler (yes a cup, lol) that’s part of a collaboration they’re doing with a well known designer.

editorial note: If you are curious what the mug looks like, email me or tag me on instagram (@annesamoilov) and I’ll show you!

Finally – after calling multiple stores and trying to find an acceptable price I “might” pay for it on Ebay (didn’t happen), I stopped in to a nearby Starbucks (This is Seattle, so they are everywhere!) and instead of asking for the product, I decided to ask a different question…

“When are you going to be launching any new tumblers in your physical stores?”

“Tuesday. Our launch day is always Tuesday.” Wow, that’s some good information.

Moving on – I’ve also called, visited, googled countless Kate Spade stores and outlets for a specific agenda that everyone (lol, welllll a lot of people) seem to be drooling over…

Again – I finally happened upon the correct question and person who willingly shared with me a ton about the product and that I should check back in 2 months.

These two stories have only 1 thing really in common – lack of any real information on when it would be back and a very vague tease that it could be soon.

But I had to pretty much BEG for them to tease me or leak the launch.

Of course, now part of me wants both more than I did before…so I suppose it worked.

Me I’m thinking…how would that work for a solopreneur who kept getting asked when they were launching again?

Is withholding information (intentionally or not) a launch strategy? Maybe.

I get that bigger brands and corporations can withhold information like this until the coveted item drops…or extremely far in advance (in walks the Halo franchise 2 years early)…but how do we as scrappy, solopreneurs and small business owners tell people about our launch?

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Your Turn

I’d love to hear your take on leaking your launch. Do you like waiting until the last second or being coy for months ahead of a launch? There’s no wrong answer as long as you’re doing it intentionally and because you know your audience will respond positively to it.

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