project planningFess up…do you struggle with project planning?

I don’t just mean for your product launches, but for like all the projects you might need to plan out in your business?

You know – webinars, releasing a new freebie or resource, maybe even creating a new product, or organizing your editorial calendar.

All those activities can and should be planned out – because they have multiple pieces and layers in each.

But how do you keep it simple, not over think it, not get overwhelmed but still take the time to map out all the pieces?

That’s what we’re talking about on today’s podcast.

Listen to the episode for all the details – but here’s the basic process written out in my bullet journal:

project planning

Here’s the basic project planning process:

  1. What do we need to do and by when? This is your target.
  2. Take Inventory. What do you already have done? What’s already complete? What’s already happening?
  3. Create an assets list. What do you need to create?
  4. Revisit the deadline and review what’s done/what’s not done. Make any adjustments to the deadline now if you need to.
  5. Start at the deadline and work backwards – what are people seeing?
  6. Create your schedule
  7. Review every single week, make adjustments.

*Also – make sure you clearly define your specific goals of the project.

Tools I’m Currently Using To Plan

Bullet Journal – Ideas that aren’t implemented yet

Google Docs – flesh out dates that are actually going to happen

Asana – task management for team and freelancers.

Resources Mentioned On The Show

Fearless Launching

The CBB List (Could Be Better)

Complete Three Simple Things Every Day To Boost Your Productivity And Launch Faster

Download your own CBB printable

Download launch workbook & planner

Trello vs. Asana comparison video:

How I Plan Projects:

Bullet Journal/Physical Planner set up:

No Project Manager? Try Bullet Journalling For Business Productivity:

Bullet Journal

More Resources!

1) Free Launch Planner: Grab this completely free launch planning workbook. Download, print, and start planning your launch today — don’t forget to add in the test and secure your website tasks!

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