Well, look no further.

I know that you’ve probably heard a lot of talk from me over Valerie Waters’ program the Action Hero Babe Training System.  But enough already, I want to give you the details about the program…and really why it’s one of the most effective home fitness programs that I’ve ever tried.


First, here’s the list of the items/equipment you get when you purchase the AHB Training System:

The Workouts

There are 2 Phases of the Program. Each phase has 3 workouts. Build, Burn, and Sculpt.  these workouts keep you going and are great. You workout right along with Val. She doesn’t try to be sleek or fancy with editing, she’s doing the workout with you. Period.  You take your water breaks and rests with her and you see her stumble (only a few times) just like you might.  There is no music, which is great if you like choosing your own soundtrack for workouts.

Breakdown:  6 workout DVDs, 1 basics DVD, Getting Started DVD, Ipod Ready Videos

Digital Manuals: 6 Workout Guides. Pictures, exercise description, etc.
Also included is a Cardio Guide to get you burning fat the HIIT way!

Workout Schedule/Journal: Track your workouts.

The Food

You get a great guide full of recipes from Val and senior members of the RCR club. Plus, you also get a special ebook full of recipes by our favorite chef The Healthy Irishman.  With these 2 resources, you will be set for yummy food.  Seriously, I’ve tried almost every single recipe and they are all quite tasty.   During my first round through the AHB program, I tried to pick a new recipe every week.  Now, I’ve got my favorites I like to go back to while I am in the 2nd round of the 8 week program.

Breakdown:  Quickstart Manual, Chef Gavan Murphy’s cookbook, Val’s recipe book

The Equipment

The Valslide/Valband/Resistance Chords.
While you will still need a few additional free weights, you can do a lot with these resistance bands.  I have the following dumbbells: 5, 8, 10, 20. The 20 I very rarely use and usually only the one dumbbell obviously, not both.

Don’t expect some super high tech equipment.  You don’t need sexy props to change your body.  Valerie developed this package to be mobile, basic, easy for anyone to use anywhere.  Boot camps are using them, personal trainers use them with their clients, I use them with some of my mat pilates classes…they are extremely accessible and make a bodyweight circuit workout kick up a notch.  And … Valerie uses them with her celebrity clients like Jen Garner and Rachel Nichols.

Bonus DVDs

Several Bonus DVDs are included in the package — essentially they are with some of Valerie’s celebrity clients… There are a few surprises in these bonuses, so I won’t give too much information here, but these are great tools to watch throughout your 8 weeks to keep you motivated.


If you have some exercise experience and have a moderate level of fitness, you’ll love the program.  If you are a beginner, you might want to consider doing her first program Red Carpet Ready or do Action Hero Babe, but lower the weights and take things a bit slower.


It’s funny – I thought I was fully prepared to start the 8 week body blast… And while I was strong enough to do the workouts, I felt it big time the next day.  After working through the first 4 weeks, I could really start seeing my own muscle definition and felt like I was getting stronger.  Then BAM the 2nd phase of the program started.  A few very subtle changes to the workouts and my body was again CHALLENGED every single workout.

After each intense workout, I actually did feel like I could kick someone’s butt.  If my daughter hadn’t been around, I might have gone in search of a fight or some bad guys to take down. LOL.

Don’t take my word for it.  Go to the main Action Hero Babe page and you’ll be able to watch videos of women at various ages revealing their own experience with the program.

Also, if you buy the program or are already doing it, let me know!  If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask me, but seriously, you can email Valerie directly and she’ll be more than happy to tell you everything you need to know.

Whatever your decision or your motive, definitely take a moment and check out the Action Hero Babe Training System.  It works.