Feeling busy lately?

I don’t mean mildly busy…but like you’re in a cycle of ALWAYS being busy, distracted, and maybe a little burned out?

Have you ever considered taking regular sabbaticals?

Today’s episode just might give you a way to break the cycle and breathe some new energy into yourself.

Nope not planning. Not pushing. Not scheduling every last second.

Today, my guest is a bestselling author who just released his 3rd book (his first global release) is going to share a secret which many creatives listening might already know about this topic….

So, if you’re thinking about all the launches, the promotions you want to do in your business, but can’t seem to make any of them happen.

Listen to this story…

Karan Bajaj had never considered writing a book prior to taking a year long sabbatical, he’d never even considered writing really at all.

So how did a year long break from normal living then lead to writing 2 Best-selling novels, 2 feature-film options, and a Worldwide deal for a 3rd?

…One particular story starts a few years back, he and his wife took a sabbatical from their jobs and traveled from Europe to India by road without possessions, then learned yoga and meditation in the Himalayas for one year.

Since then, he’s taken his 18 month old to Costa Rica for 3 months…and plans to do another 3 month trip with his newborn (once the 18 month mark is reached of course)…

This is important to note because we talk a lot about taking a break from media, consumption, the normal, and purposely putting yourself in a challenging situation that just might break you!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How he managed to take a year long sabbatical from a very traditional corporate job
  • If he still takes sabbaticals, how often and for how long
  • What you should know about taking this time and it’s not a glorified vacation
  • How to know if you need one – and how to work your way up to longer breaks

Plus, we talk about why his current new release “The Yoga of Max’s Discontent” couldn’t have been written in his normal environment…that it was the break itself that lead him to the story.

Order the book today – May 3rd and Karan’s other available resources today! Click the image below to find out more!

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