I made the decision last year to start cleaning up and clearing out parts of my life that weren’t working.  I was tired of not enjoying my life and all the amazing moments that I felt were passing me by. I wanted peace and I wanted to feel alive! We all have those spots in our life that feel heavy, that drain us…that we KNOW we should clean up, but just keep putting off.

I’m talking everything from areas of your home you aren’t happy with, where you live, aspects of your job to your relationships and those dreams that have been on the back burner way too long to even call them dreams anymore.

So this year, in light of a little milestone birthday I have comin’ at me a little more than a month from now, I decided to make it official and not only teach you everything I know about having it all without losing your mind, but also put myself through the paces too.

You can follow my journey during February, where I talk to the experts, gather the tools and start taking action to clear up my own life and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

I’d love for you to come along with me as share the strategies and tools I’ve used myself, learned from the experts, shared with and received from the people dearest to me (including, clients, friends and family).

I’m going to teach you how to lighten your life, to experience more white space, less overwhelm, more clarity, and to feel so focused that you won’t be able to STOP YOURSELF from taking action!  You’ll learn how to look at each aspect of your life, know for sure how “full” it is, and what areas need the most attention.  You’ll go from “stick a fork in me” I’m done to feeling as free as a bird and ready to action on all those important things you’ve been putting off.

And don’t even tell me you don’t have even ONE thing on that list.

You Need This

I don’t know one person who isn’t overflowing with thoughts, dreams, messages from the media, our grocery lists, the house is dirty, the kids want this/that, you want a fulfilling career, there’s that stack of books you need to read, I hate my hair today.  When people tell you need to fill the well with nurturing food and activity, you laugh at them. You’ve got no space left in the well!

I Need This

It wasn’t so long ago that I was struggling with so many decisions that I felt paralyzed.  I thought, “this is it, I can’t even breathe, move…much less think. How can I do all that I want to do when I have no room to move anything around or even see straight?”

My big moment came when I finally decided to stop teaching Pilates as my primary income.  I had to do it. It was killing me. All the rescheduled appointments. All the cancelling and no-shows…and all the money/time I invested getting babysitters, renting studio, marketing, following up, nailing down times for the clients.  It made teaching unbearable…And that to me is still sad because truthfully I LOVE TEACHING PILATES.

When I finally made the decision to cut most of my clients off, I did so thinking of it as a temporary thing.  But that decision made room for me to multiply my income, enjoy more downtime with my daughter and husband, get back in shape, and start doing Pilates again myself.

Now, I’m not saying I will never teach again, because I’ve got some dear women I absolutely love spending time with and I love the movement, but for the time being we’re on an extended break from each other.  And thank goodness…because I can breathe again.

Decision Time

When the different areas of your life collide and all demand a decision or action, how can you possibly see straight enough to make the right choice?  If you have no room to move…you can’t think, you can’t breathe…and like I said…you sometimes can’t even move!

So, tell me…is there something lingering in your life right now that you have a sense is somehow holding you back, stopping you from moving forward on another goal? Are you feeling a little itchy right now, wondering if I’m talking about you?

I hope you join me. I know you will feel lighter, more clarity, get intensely focused, so you can take action on the most important parts of your life and business.

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