When people talk about their days having a side hustle, it’s usually like a badge of honor.

They struggled for years and years trying to make the side hustle their main thing work — to get the chance to finally do what they were passionate about.

That story is a common one in some for one or another for many entrepreneurs…even me! That side hustle keeps you ignited because you push, you struggle, you create, whatever it is… but it propels you forward.

What happens when you get out of that phase of needing a side hustle – when it becomes a full time hustle?

Well, recently I started thinking about myself and when I’ve felt most fulfilled in my life…

  • years spent writing tv and film scripts on the side – ones that I never pitched to anyone
  • years spent recording music with grammy award winning producers and songwriters,
  • learning to teach pilates because I was passionate about it
  • learning about the whole online world – how to make videos, how to make a podcast
  • making films on the side

And I’ve realized only one thing.

I want my side hustle back…

That’s what I’m talking about in today’s episode of the Fearless Launching Show.

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What about you? Since I know I’m not the only one, here are three well-known faces who’ve created side hustles that have just as much clout as their main hustle. I mention them in the episode and I really hope you check them out!

Hugh Jackman (yes, Wolverine) – is a cofounder of Laughing Man Worldwide… and yes I was just staring at his Instagram feed to begin with…but started to seeing his other projects and this company…not just the movie prep, working out, smiling at the camera shots.

Read their about page (here's a snippet I pulled):

Hugh Jackman and I wanted to start something that recognizes the power of entrepreneurship, ingenuity, livelihood, and access to such opportunity. Laughing Man Worldwide helps entrepreneurs help humanity by creating and developing new business, and in return for that help, Laughing Man worldwide receives some ownership. 100% of Laughing Man Worldwide revenue goes back to education, community development and new business development. We don't ask for charity. We ask for ideas, believers, and support from you to welcome our products into your home.

This mission statement just made me so excited to jump up and start a new side project for myself…one that could potentially make money yes, but was truly a passion project again.

Lauren Conrad is another actress/reality show cast member turned philanthropist. After her stint on the Hills and creating her own clothing line–pretty par for the course for a celebrity, Lauren teamed up with a friend and classmate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

The Little Market was born out of a love for travel, different cultures and wanting to support women artisans around the world.

They created The Little Market to give artisans the opportunity to reach a broader audience and to give you the opportunity to purchase special pieces while directly supporting the artisans who made them. Each product you find here was responsibly crafted with integrity and pride, while providing an income for local artisans to care for themselves and their families.

Again, perhaps it’s the side hustle with meaning that gets me excited here, but it’s also one of those ventures that could become her main hustle…her main platform for future projects.

A final person I wanted to mention, simply because I’ve watched the journey develop behind the scenes through my dear friend and photographer Catherine Just is Carrie Anne Moss (actress known for her roles in the Matrix and Memento) and her launch of a unique, mesmerizing site Annapurna Living.

Why did actress, yogi, mom, wife create this sacred space? The site and portal has only one aim…to nourish the souls of women worldwide.

One of my deepest dreams for Annapurna Living is to support and celebrate heart-centered, soulful women—artists, healers, entrepreneurs, mothers, Yogis, and any woman who nourishes, uplifts, and inspires through intentional living.

Now sure…all of these people are celebrities. They have the resources to start big ventures, do what they want, but I'd challenge you to do something big as well.

Look For Your Own Inspiration

These people reminded me about my own need for a passion project or something that I could be pursuing while I pushed my full time business forward. But where do you seek out inspiration? What section do you naturally gravitate to when you're in a bookstore? Any videos you find yourself watching for hours on youtube (besides the cute cat ones)?

Bottom line – get a side hustle. One that will act as fuel for your business…will keep you motivated, excited, and energized. If you're an entrepreneur…you need that.

Now sure

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