6 Pillars Online BusinessFor several years, I hosted an unofficial  Marie Forleo’s B-School launch party…a jump behind the scenes and the launch videos to give you some insight (and hopefully some lessons) to apply to your next launch.

Before you go through the launch video recap, make sure you sign up to watch the videos — starting with the first one, right here!

B-School hosts a once per year free workshop – so I decided a launch recap was in order…these lessons were first created back in February 2013. Yes! 2013! There are lot of new elements to the launch – > but at the core B-School has stayed strong in its overarching vision!

Second – my reason for jumping on the bandwagon is two-fold.

This is still one of the most lesson-filled launches online.

Even if you’re not joining the B-School community yourself (which you should be), get your buns and biscuits over to the limited time video series to make sure you know exactly what’s in store.

Lessons from Marie Forleo’s B-school launch – what you can and should apply to your own launch today

Every launch has some sort of pre-launch content. Pre-launch content is content you release before you open your offer to the world. It exists to get people warmed up, interested, and ready for what you got!

Whether you do a series of blog posts, videos, live calls or perhaps you’re just writing emails to your mailing list – you’re probably teasing your offer to your audience through one of these methods.

What’s important about pre-launch content and that Marie does so well is this:

#1 – Marie gives you the exact experience of her teaching.

If you join B-School, you’ll get to see her in training videos similar to the ones in this free series.

This is exactly how Marie Forleo’s B-school works. The videos in B-School share concepts and strategies. At the end of every video, Marie asks you to take action or complete a Fun Sheet. If you like the launch videos, you just get more detailed and actionable ones inside the program!

How to apply this to your own launch:  

First – look at your offering, program, service or whatever it is you want to launch.

Then – ask yourself how can you give people a taste or the exact experience of that offer.

If you’re teaching an online program, perhaps you’ll do videos like Marie and then give some action to take.

If you’re offering coaching, perhaps you offer a certain number of free 15 minute sessions with you.

If you’re launching an ebook, perhaps you create an intro or offer a free chapter during your pre-launch.

#2 – Marie’s pre-launch content is almost like an intro course to B-School.

Sure she’s giving you the experience of her teaching, but she’s also giving you the knowledge to then continue and succeed in the B-School program.

Now – if you join B-School without doing the work in this video series, you won’t be behind really, but you will have missed out on the foundational work Marie meant for you to complete. (So – go do it, okay?)

How to apply this to your next launch:
Think about the pre-launch content you create for your launch as an introduction to what you’re going to launch.

Ask yourself how to get people ready for your product, program or service? What do they need to do, experience, read, or understand first?

We’re not done yet.

Want to know a few reasons why the behind the scenes video might be the most important video in the series of pre-launch content?

I thought so.

Reason #1: Marie answers your most common objections

Now this isn’t your regular ‘ole FAQ – it’s the inner dialogue that we go through when we’re thinking of starting a new business.

Marie walks through some of the most common concerns people have when they want to start an online business, but just aren’t sure….

This is key because she’s not trying to get you into Marie Forleo’s B-school…she wants you to see that it’s possible, you can turn your idea into a business, and you owe it to the world to do so.

How to apply this to your launch: Paint the picture of what is possible if people get the problem your product/service/offer solves handled.

Make sure you show people what is possible no matter if you are doing blog posts, emails, videos, a free webinar. Show them what is possible when they solve their problem.

Reason #2: Marie shows us B-School works.

Social Proof – You may have heard this buzzword phrase a lot. There’s a reason for that. Social proof is muy importante.

You can tell people how amazing your offer, product, service, business is, but it means nothing until someone else can vouch for you.

Social proof comes in many different forms –

  • testimonials
  • stories
  • screen captures of your social media networks with people saying how much they love what you do
  • video

The reason why Marie’s video is so powerful is that she listens and shares these stories in her space. This one key change – they aren’t telling their story in their own homes or on their webcams… they come into Marie’s world – into that luxurious space.

How to apply this to your launch: The normal testimonials on a sales page aren’t enough. Get people on video telling you directly what they achieved in your program – you need to ask for their before and after story.

Which brings us to the next reason this video is so important:

Reason #3: You get to be part of Marie’s world

As the viewer and ideal customer for Marie Forleo’s B-school – you’ll immediately feel that – “I want to be hanging out with Marie on that couch telling my story” feeling when you see this video.

Watch Marie behind the scenes, on Instagram Live or Facebook Live…seeing her goof around and be just plain excited about her launch…you can’t help but think, “How cool is Marie??”

Marie has that going for her – if you resonate with her – you want to be IN HER WORLD.

Do your prospects want to be part of YOUR world? Do they want to hang out with you? Be in your “inner circle”?

Think about your biggest supporters – the people who have been subscribers the longest, who always comment, who tweet and retreat your work, who feel more like friends than followers.

Maybe you already have people who want to be in your world – and you haven’t really noticed it.

It’s your job to find out what it is about YOU that makes people want to be part of what you do.

Believe it or not – the success of your business is most often associated with people just liking you – liking what you stand for, how you live your life… people buy into and from people they like.


They’re also buying into a set of beliefs, thread of ideas and way of life. Wow really?

How to apply this to your business and launch: 

What set of core beliefs or ideas do you share through your work with your audience?  Look at your blog posts, your products, any messages that you share over and over again. Write out this list of ideas you present over and over again….

Next – think about your biggest supporters… why do these people like you and want to “hang out” with you?

If you’re not sure, ask some of these super fans directly what they like about what you teach or what they like about your products…

Yes it’s important to get social proof, to have people see you in your world, but understanding WHY people want to be part of your world (which they do by the way) is even more important to your launch because:

  • your offer will reflect the core concepts you and your business stand for
  • your pre-launch content will strengthen those concepts
  • people will WANT to share their stories and let others know why what you do “works” for them

Grab the free training series and pdf resources from Marie that are up for a limited time right now.