Pop Quiz…

Do you have a communication strategy for your next launch?

What will you communicate? Where do you communicate it? Where do you tell people about your launch? How often do you talk about leading up to the launch? Do you use email? Videos? Podcast?

Where you communicate, where you show up…matters.

And if you’re not watching the interaction and response during the time leading up to your launch, during your launch, and even after your launch, you need to start doing it.

Not only will you identify places online to amp up your communication and messaging, but you’ll also start to see where you can stop wasting time! You’ll stop spending hours trying to get a social media platform working and focus more fully in the places where people are actually listening to you (and that you’re excited about)!

Instead of worrying or wondering whether you’re saying the right things or enough of the right things, here’s what to do to know that people are ready for your upcoming launch (and perhaps ready to become your client or customer)!

If you’re ready to reach more of those “right” people, your communication strategy is key, so let’s dive in and get started.

Today’s episode is all about having more conversations that sell and making sure you do the experimentation before you launch — so that your communication happens when, where, and exactly how often it needs to!

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My Launch Communication Strategy: How To Have More Conversations That Sell

Is it possible something you said 4, 5, or 6 months ago affected your recent launch sales?

How To Have More Conversations That Lead To Sales

Does it really matter what you say to people about your launch? Will it make the difference between sales and dead air?

Is there a known, working method of reaching out, touching, connecting, getting to know your customers before you open the doors, starting conversations that actually lead to sales?

And don’t you want the RIGHT people to take your offer?

Nothing worse than making an offer and getting the wrong audience on board… though it does tell you something about what you’re offering… but I digress.

Talking about your upcoming launch, sharing the behind the scenes, taking people along for the ride – it’s crucial to your launch bottom line – but the process is riddled with mistakes people make when they’re first starting.

It’s not as simple as posting 5 times a day on social media (and hoping for the best). If you track your tweets – you might discover people aren’t clicking as much as you’d thought they were (or you might discover they ARE clicking!).

You can’t just run an ad on Facebook or do a few live broadcasts (on FB Live or Instagram Stories or wherever) – and again, think that everyone will be magically drawn to it.

And – you can’t hope those guest posts – ok that ONE guest post you did – a year ago, will help you grow your audience.

More touchpoints are not necessarily going to get you more eyes on your offer.

So what can we do to make sure our message reaches more of the right people?

It might seem simple, but it’s understanding and being aware of where people’s attention is RIGHT NOW. Where do people watch you, learn from you, and get inspired by you? What are they CURRENTLY interested in or challenged with?

Listen to today’s episode where I dive into:

  • My top 3 “no brainer” methods to prepare your audience for a launch.
  • The one no-cost “everyday” business tool that saved me hours in time and money.
  • How my “Launch Leak Strategy” allows you to “tease” your launch and create excitement before you even launch!

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