Shouldn’t come as a shocker here…

Most people have at least one thing that stops or delays them from doing what they really want.

We all suffer from launch blocks at some point during the life of our business.

These launch blocks can crop up the second we get an idea for a product, when we finish a product, when we talk to someone about it, and pretty much every single step up to and through the launch process.

I invited my friend Denise Duffield Thomas to have a conversation about these blocks, because she’s in the middle of her own launch right now for her long-running Money Bootcamp.

If you suspect you have some blocks holding you back from launching, today’s episode is for you.

Not sure?

Delay and procrastination are huge signs of blocks.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to know you’re experience a block or resistance
  • What Denise does during launches to stay clear, focused and to deal with unexpected triggers
  • How to be proactive and prepare for the blocks before you launch

Plus – if you like what Denise is sharing in this episode, check out her FREE Money Mindset Workshop !

Listen below to learn some of the common money blocks that are linked directly to launch blocks too!


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